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West Valley Occupational Center, CA

by curious1991 curious1991 (New) New

I will be attending this school for the CNA program and I would like some reviews about it. If any of you ever attended or are attending this school for CNA please let me know how it is. I will appriciate it!

it's been almost a year since u posted this. I'm pretty sure ur done w/ ur course. So how was it training to be a CNA there? Is it hard to get in?

Hi, I intend to become a lvn, but until the entrance exam in July, I want to try for cna, at west valley occupational center. Can someone tell me anything about the cna entrance exam, or about many slots do they have, is there a big competition? Any info about this program would be highly appreciated. Thanks

Try the California thread! I don't think there's a waiting for the CNA class. I took mine almost 20 years ago there and love it.

Again, you may want to ask someone whose been throught it recently.

I don't believe there is a waiting list for their CNA class either and I don't think it's very competitive. They have a new class like every 6-8wks. I graduated from WVOC's lvn program recently so I've seen many new CNA classes begin and end throughout my year there...