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West Coast University graduates

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4 minutes ago, Susie.7 said:

I have been considering WCU in North Hollywood after not being able to get into a ADN program at a CC. I have all my GE completed but I am afraid of the tuition cost, I've heard it can be a lot even with prereq's completed. Can anyone kindly share approx how much I can expect to pay. Thank you in advance!

If all of your prereqs transfer you should expect about 5.5 semesters there. One academic year is $38,722. Scholarships and the WCU merit scholarship may be something to look into. For the merit scholarship you have to complete your FAFSA for federal aid/loans,  be denied for 5 private loans, and submit 5 private scholarship applications. They base the scholarship off a point system. You can find it off of their site. Also, use the TES tool on their website to check your transfer courses to make sure they all transfer! There was an issue with several of mine (like sociology) so I’m redoing them outside of WCU. 

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