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I plan on doing their BSN program starting April. For those of you who graduated already how hard was it to find a job? I plan to work a couple years then do a NP program at CSU (since WCU got WASC accredited = more opportunity :)). However, what concerns me is finding work after finishing the BSN program. I knew a former Nurse Recruiter for a hospital, and she said that if two graduates came in for work: one from WCU and one from CSU, that'll pick the CSU graduate. I didn't ask why though (doh). Anyway I hope you graduates can enlighten me. You working?


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Same here! I need info on WCU program...=)


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Hi RN2B2014! I was wondering if taking the ADN route for WCU would be better than taking the BSN itself??


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@ RN2b. Just wanted to see how your experience at west coast has been thus far?


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Pre-reqs was fine, then Funds came around and the ONLY instructor who teaches it is one useless person, and with her passive-aggressive attitude once you ****** her off...oh no. Memorize the book from page 1 to the end. The instructor doesn't help you either. Here's food for thought when I was going through this hell ...the morning class examinations were easier then the afternoon class. 1 person failed in the morning class and about 8-10 people failed the afternoon class.

Test questions were absolutely randomized; you'd study 6 chapters and 80% of the test will be about one chapter. It was never balanced. They treat students like grade school kids too. A proctor? Really come on. For $120,000....I expect to be treated more professionally and respected. They're just a business men who know nothing about running a good nursing program, just HOW to sucker you to get in.

The community is a whole different story. Half the people there are clueless. If you decide to go here, please, please affliate yourself with the smart/serious crowd even though they seem like ********. The clueless individuals drag you down with them with their pessimistic attitude, lack of comprehension on how serious everything is, and poor study skills in which they expect you to help them...in which you kindly say **** off. Then there's that awkwardness since you see these people everyday. Bad vibes = distractions...distractions = your performance declines. I was a victim of this.

You must REALLY want it to proceed at WCU. The school isn't that great + $120k + teaching yourself. Ask yourself if you REALLY want to become a nurse. I did not pass by 0.8% and I'm GLAD. The lab hinted me that this career was not for me, and a short speech a substitute told us drastically changed my decision. She told us the "behind the scenes"/ "dark side" on what goes on in the hospital, etc. I personally didn't like it too much. So, I quit and now I'm very happy back to normal University (CSULA) as a Business major. Maybe I can work for WCU one day and sucker people into getting into the program. Haha :p.