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West Chester Advanced BSN program


Specializes in Critical Care. Has 5 years experience.

I just got an email to make an appointment for the interview. Does anyone know what kind of questions they may ask? I'm so nervous about this! Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

From what I've read on past threads the group-format style involves everyone being questioned in a row, with the standard why nursing, why west Chester fare. Congrats on getting everything in before their contrived October 16th deadline, haha. And good luck in that interview!

I also got interview invitation. I scheduled it for December 7th, and I am freaking out! Hope everything will go smooth and we'll get accepted. I think questions going to be the same as in an individual interview, nothing special. It's a nice opportunity to meet some of your potential classmates though.

Bumping up...to those who were interviewed, how was the whole process? Were there any oddball questions or just the usual ones? Good luck to everyone who interviewed so far, I know west Chester is tough!

The questions they asked in my interview were the same questions the have asked in the past. There were no oddball questions, everything was pretty straight forward. Good Luck!

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Thank you so much, I appreciate the heads up! Im crossing my fingers this goes well. This whole admissions process is exhausting. Best of luck to you too, I hope we'll be getting in!

Has anyone heard back? They said they'd email by today but I haven't heard yet

me neither. checking email every half an hour:)

Yeah I have not heard back either, I have been checking my email constantly!

I just got the acceptance email. I thought it will make my day... until I turned on the news. Nothing is more joyful than hugging my son today...

I just got my acceptance email today, too. Indeed, it was a bittersweet celebration with the tragedy that happened today.

Congratulations all, I'll be seeing you in may :).

I got my acceptance email on 12/14!

Congrats everyone! I got in as well, but I am still trying to decide between West Chester and Villanova. I don't know which one to choose, such a hard decision!

I am having this same dilemma. I got into both Villanova and West Chester (they were the only schools I applied to) and I am having a hard time making a decision. Honestly I am leaning more towards Villanova. The only reason I would end up choosing West Chester is because it is much cheaper. I have really liked everyone I have been in contact with at Villanova and they have been very willing to meet with me and discuss their program and just the nursing field in general. Whereas with west Chester I don't know really anything about their program or nursing faculty other than what is on their website and what we were told during the interview. I am not sure what I am going to do. what are your pros and cons for either program- or anyone else who has any thoughts on the matter?

I am also leaning more towards Villanova since I have heard so many great things about their program. I only have two cons for Villanova. One is price of their program, and the second one is the commute. What I like about West Chester is that their program is cheaper, and WCU closer to my house. However, what I do not like about West Chester is their curriculum. I read online that during the Fall and Spring Semesters you meet only one day during the week with 6hrs of class a day and 16 hrs of clinical during the weekend. Then during the Summer Semester you meet two days a week with 6hrs of class a day and 10 hrs of clinical during the week/ weekend. If I can remember correctly, for Villanova you have class M-Thu from 8am-4pm, and you may or may not have clinical over the weekend. I really like how Villanova's curriculum is more spread out instead of being crammed into one or two days a week. Good luck with your decision, it is definitely a hard one!

For me, because I need to work during the program part time I am actually planning on west Chester. The classes one day a week and weekend clinicals seem to be designed for adults with difficult schedules. Not to mention how drastically less expensive it is. But with Villanova, if money were not an issue I would go there in a heartbeat. It's an amazing program.

I can not log into myWCU Account even though I paid deposit online couple days ago. Does anybody have the same issue?