Wellness Nurse, what do I need for this position?


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I am a new RN with only 4 months in on a neuro-tele floor. However, I would eventually like to work in employee health in a job similar to the one below. I've always been very interested in fitness and preventative health and really feel I'd be perfect for a job such as this. However, it says "minimum of two years demonstrated experience required in health promotion program design, implementation and evaluation" and "telephonic coaching" preferred.

I am asking how I break into this field? Should I be looking at paying out of pocket for certain certifications? After all, how do I get this two years of practice in health promotion program design if I am only working at bedside? I have in the past helped others get health, even leading exercise classes at an old job, but I doubt this is enough to land this job now LOL. Any advice would be appreciated!

The Health Engagement Specialist will assist employees in finding new ways to inspire healthier habits. The position will work under the direction of the Wellness & Benefits Department in promoting wellness and helping individuals realize their personal best. Our Health Engagement Specialist will be responsible for developing a wellness coaching relationship with our employees and assisting them through the process of actively working towards better health by providing support, encouragement, and education.

Health Engagement Specialist Duties Include:

  • The Health Engagement Specialist will be responsible for outreaching to employees and provide necessary wellness coaching to reduce or eliminate high-risk behaviors.
  • Encourages adoption of habits that are conducive to a higher quality of life.
  • Develop and conduct onsite health-related wellness seminars and training courses for interested employees and family members
  • Develop and distribute health education materials to identified employees and family members
  • Develop customized plan for participants including goals and plan of action.
  • Consult with Medical Carrier and Director of Wellness & Benefits regarding the strategic direction of our wellness programs.
  • Determine what administrative and cultural obstacles lay ahead for wellness initiatives at the company.
  • Possess strong knowledge of successful wellness solutions and support to guide the wellness strategy at Knight Transportation.
  • Establish goals for each process implemented and continually evaluate progress towards achieving those goals.
  • Remain aware of industry trends, products and best practices to integrate them with wellness strategies.
  • Successfully manage multiple and concurrent projects, priorities and tasks.
  • Function as a point of reference for wellness resources with Knight Employees.
  • Conduct employee surveys in effort to identify wellness topics of interest.
  • Creatively strategize, develop, and execute wellness programs and initiatives that will drive behavior and cultural changes within the workplace.

Essential Requirements:

  • Registered Nurse Degree required.
  • Minimum of two years of demonstrated experience required in health promotion program design, implementation and evaluation.
  • Telephonic wellness coaching experience strongly preferred.
  • Very strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrate analytical and problem-solving skills, including research and investigation.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate project goals and objectives.
  • Ability to resolve critical project issues and find solutions.
  • Ability to track participant progress and report on outcomes.
  • Advanced user of Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Outlook.
  • Dedication to personal health and well-being.



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Does your current facility have a health promotion program for employees? Perhaps you could look into local health clubs or rec center in your town might be a good place to try and obtain the experience being sought. Good luck.

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Thank you for the reply EMRLPN! I will do that!