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Barry university and the program in Naples FLA both of them accept about 40 students a year. I say go for the percentage schools. I personally wanted to attend a smaller class size to get more attention. The down side to the smaller class size is that they can eyeball you more closely and the politics are hell. If I had to do it over I would have went to a school that had a larger class. The one I am in now accepted 10 and my class is down to 8 students. The bottom line is you go where you get accepted and make the best of it.


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One more thing to look at is try to find out if there is an anesthesia resident program where you plan to attend if there is you may be competing with anesthesia residents for procedues/cases.


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Gowkout, has that been your experience and if so how has it impacted your program.


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I've heard mixed things about having anesthesia residents around. USC has med students obviously but SRNA's only compete with them for cases in their OB rotation, other than that they don't have a problem. So sometimes it works out well.

Thanks for the info on Barry. I have been looking at their program too.


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yeah I ve heard that if the hospital is big enough it doesn't really matter at all. like at mayo Heard even though there are residents you could pretty much get experince in whatever you wanted.

I do think however, that you would get exposed to some of the strange polotics early on.


I take the gre on tuesday.. I got a 1620 on my last practice test and I think I would be happy with that.


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Many people seem to stress themselves with the GRE. If you have strong transcripts, then the GRE is almost a formality for getting into a school. Many schools in the Philadelphia area are happy with a 1450 to 1500.


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well tody I took the gre. I was getting about 1620 on my practice tests at home. and ended up with a (whence) , 1350 (sight) in real life. I was nervous and a bit buggered when the verbal section came up for a second time. then I relized later that the first section was the research questions (I was expecting them to be at the end).

I could take it over again. its only july. but I want to get my app in early. most schools require a min of 1000 on the verb and quant. Ive got that. what should I do?/????

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Talk with the directors of the schools you are must interested in. They will tell you if the score will hinder you. My bet is that if you have 1000 verbal and quantitative you are in good shape. If they indicate that a higher score would help your "competetive edge" then re-take.

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