Well, I took the Pax-RN Test today...

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Went in for the Pax-RN test this morning and I was pretty confident, but definitely nervous. I have been back in school for a year now, and I finally got my pre-reqs out of the way so I was finally eligible to take the test. To me, the Verbal part of the test was the hardest, definitely a lot of words I hadn't seen in a looong time, the comprehension part was pretty easy though. The math was pretty easy for me, but I cut it close time wise, but I still finished with a couple of minutes left. The sciene part was pretty tough also, but the NLN Pax study guide was awesome in helping me prepare for it. Overall, I ended up with a composite 153 and I was in the 99th percentile, so I definitely surprised myself! So now I am offficially on the waiting list to start my nursing classes! :yeah:

Congrats!!! The vocab was the hardest for me as well. I got a 135 but considering I graduated with my BA 5 yrs ago, I was quite proud of myself.

You guys definetely did really well. Gives me some confidence on my second time around. I didnt do as well as I wanted the first time. Do you guys mind saying what schools you guys are applying to?


I'm going to Sinclair Community College.. It's in Dayton Ohio

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