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I am a former student of an ABSN program. First semester went well. All A's. Second session/semester not so much. Pharmacology I, Health Assessment (lab & lecture), and Skills (lab/lecture) was life changing to say the least. A test in each course every week for 5 weeks and comprehensive finals in all three at the end. Health Assessment and Skills weren't too difficult, but when you tack on Pharm I in 5 weeks ON TOP of the other two, it was a nightmare. Pharm I demanded & got most of my attention. Needless to say, I did well in skills and HA, but didn't make what was necessary in pharmacology to proceed in my program. I was off 0.5 points from what at my school is deemed a "C". We are not allowed to make lower than a C in any course. If we make below a C in just one course, we are removed from the program. I take responsibility for my grades. I busted my tail. I know the responses I'm probably going to get will be along the lines of "you knew how fast paced this was going to be" and "maybe you're just not fit for an accelerated program." I would like to hear other input besides those generic responses. First off, let me say the primary reason I applied to an ABSN program/went into nursing period was to work in the ICU and apply to CRNA school. I'm not sure if I want to be a nurse. I just know I have numerous family members and friends that are CRNA's that love their career. I've gotten the chance to shadow/intern with them, and it's simply amazing. The surgeries I've seen blew my mind. I also have a BSE in Exercise Science. I received that major in hope of attending PT school, but that was not the route I feel I was led to follow. I would just like advice on what I might do from here. Thank you for your time and I apologize for this being so long as I planned for this to be short, sweet, and to the point.


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Okay first I want to say I'm sorry this semester didn't go well. Are you going to try to get back into the program? As for wanting to be a CRNA I have a couple friends who have done it and said the schooling is 1000 times harder than nursing school. And if you don't want to be a nurse, I don't know that you'll have the drive to make it happen. To get into CRNA school you'll have to work in an ICU for at least a year, and a lot of hospitals don't hire new grads into ICU. So that means possible a few years on the floor till you can transfer. Do you want it bad enough?


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OK...here is my shot at a reply you would feel is not generic. By reading your post it seems you had your sights set at the top but underestimated the work required to climb the mountain. I know you stated you busted your tail, but it doesn't sound like your heart was in it from the start, so whether you realize it or not, you probably had more to give. I would like to know what happened with your PT ambitions. It seems like you have big aspirations and desires to be part of the "elite" but your drive may be lacking. I am just having a hard time wrapping my mind around your CRNA goals and you not giving what was necessary to pass your ABSN program. I am set to begin a master's entry program in the fall. My goal is a DNP specializing in mental health. Maybe I will relate more when I begin but my mindset right now is there isn't a thing in the world to stop me from reaching my goals. I think the difference may be that I accept and look forward to the on the job learning and experience I will obtain as a nurse while pursuing a DNP. Your post is a serious reality check though...I am sorry for you!! But I can tell you that whatever you decide to do in the future your heart better be in it one hundred percent or you may be back in the same situation. All I can do at this point is hope I have what it takes to succeed during the next two years and go from there....Good Luck and really assess if you gave it your all and then grow from it!!!

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What I'm going to say is very simple. If you really want to be a CRNA, you must first want to be an RN. I'm not saying that you should have a super-hyper-religious fervor for nursing, just that you must want it. It's because you need to seriously to learn how to be a Nurse before you can move forward with your CRNA schooling. Chances are very good that you will NOT be able to land an ICU position right out of school, so that means you may have to spend some time learning Nursing on a different floor before you land an ICU position. Then you're going to spend at least 2 more years in an ICU learning what you need to be competitive for entry to a CRNA program. Then you really will get into the thick of it, with material that's a LOT harder than what you're dealing with now.

So, what does that all mean for you? Do whatever you need to do to get your butt back into nursing school, and preferably re-enrolling in the ABSN program you were in because it's very possible that other programs in your area require "failed" nursing students wait 10 years before being allowed to enroll. There's at least a few of those here in my area...I know. I once had to look.

If it turns out that you don't want to be a CRNA because you don't want to be a Nurse, then that's OK. It may very well be that you are wasting your talents following this path and perhaps you belong studying another area of healthcare. You might be amazed what PA's are allowed to do...

It's up to you, and only you can make that decision for yourself.


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One more thing...I couldn't help but volunteer a little of my world into your post. Your post just really hit home for me right now.


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I understand how you're feeling. The same thing happened to me this semester. I was so distraught and felt like a failure... that feeling has to limit itself to the moment. You can't be feeling sorry for yourself because time flies and time is $$$$$. Get your act together and keep at it. Ok so you messed up once... now to work extra hard to get back into your program. Don't let a day pass when you didn't do what you're supposed to do. This means: STUDY STUDY STUDY. First get everything settled with your advisors and have a plan set to get back into your program. While you are waiting, review EVERY DAY what you did the last semester (the semester you failed) and do a serious reality check and figure out why you failed. T

The same thing happened to me when I failed. In my program, I need 78% and I got a 77.5% and the teacher didn't round. I had no one to blame but myself. ALSO realize if you did end up passing with a 78%, that was just barely. You want to aim high so that if you screw up... you still are able to pass. I felt devastated when I failed because it pushed me back an ENTIRE semester... but I'm using my time wisely. THIS IS KEY. I went on Amazon.com and bought review and rational books for each class that I will have the next semester AND the semester I failed.

When I started nursing school I thought "I don't have to look at it know because I wont understand the terminology or concepts/ I already have a bunch of stuff I already have to do for nursing school/ I need some time for myself.

Yeah right! what they about not having a life is serious but don't let it get to you because YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU WORK HARD. Just like NIKE statement "Just Do It" This really helped me. Be proactive. Once you learn something in class study the concept in review and rational books and practice NCLEX questions (this is what helped me).

There are going to be times when you feel like you've had enough but GET THAT THOUGHT OUT OF YOUR HEAD. Think to yourself "Now is the time to focus! I WILL do this!!" When I study, I study for 45min take a 5min break and then back to studying this will help not go crazy :)

Keep at it, and NEVER make excuses. remember where there's a will there's a way!!!!!

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If it makes you feel any better every body and their brother in school things will/or wants to become a CRNA. The market is becoming saturated. I think most people go on payscale personally, not saying you but most people. I've always felt if it was all about the money find another career besides health care or go the admin management route with an MSN or DNP lots more money than any CRNA or clinical provider.


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Thank you everyone for your advice. Since I posted this last I have started considering other routes pertaining to my BSE in kinesiology I have already obtained. It's just disheartening to know how much money I spent on basically half of another bachelors degree. Things happen for a reason though I believe. My heart was never 100% into nursing. I have always been interested in the medical field. I just thought maybe I could learn to love nursing, but clearly I didn't. I believe my next plan of action is going to be applying to PT/OT programs in surround states near me. I have also considered PA. I previosly did a internship in cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation and got about 400 hours worth of experience. Most PA programs want 800-1000 hours of direct patient-care experience. Can anyone suggest how I could get this?


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The bottom line is no matter how hard you say you studied..it did not work. So I would say try different ways to study. If you say you tried them all then I don't know what to tell you. I did an ABSN in 2006 and it was intense and when I blew test I tried different study methods. That is all I can say. And if you think that is bad wait until you do CRNA. At my school it was 70% failure rate. I would say take a deep breath and reapply. Then try to develop a different way to complete school. Cut out tv...cut out everything. To much on the line career wise. Good luck

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