would you welcome MD-RN's from the Philippines

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A good number of medical specialists in the Philippines have BS Nursing Degrees. They were able to obtain these degrees, either as their Pre-med course or have taken on additional subjects, while in medical practice, to pursue a nursing degree.

A majority of them are contemplating or have already decided to leave the medical profession and practice nursing in different countries.

Would they be welcome?


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The Philippines nurses I have worked with are very nice people, They have been welcomed, they will be welcomed. Thank God we are in a country that people want to come to.


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Generally yes, though we have had a few nurses take out their anger on the immigrant nurses (because all the problems in nursing are apparently their fault you see....).

i welcome any nurse that is competent in his/her position....


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Thank you very much for your inputs, they are very encouraging

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Randori - keep in mind if you encounter people who seem to have an attitude toward foreign nurses, that it is generally not you and not your nationality that they have a problem with. Generally, what they are reacting to is what they see as a cost cutting move by corporate management who are known to hire nurses from other countries for lower salaries and to work under conditions that domestic nurses find objectionable (patient/staff ratios, mandatory overtime, etc) and then tell the local nurses : "If you don't like it, we can replace you"

If/when you or other nurses decide to come here, it may not be a bad idea to come on this board and ask a few questions about what you are being offered. I know you'll get honest answers here. Good luck!

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