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Welcome cool change at new england tech nursing.....


great news for prospective and former nursing students at neit nursing program! the director of the nursing program has relinquished her seat and stepped down. it is not clear if this change is due to concerns from school administrators, or if this was her own decision. this move has prompted some loyal staff to submit letters of resignation as well. out with the inept, in with the new! a dismal five graduates out of about thirty from the latest class, coupled with numerous complaints surely raised eyebrows and concerns from this institution. damage control.

it is hopeful that the new director and staff will conduct themselves in a professional, ethical, manner. that they will treat everyone fairly and with appropriate dignity. they will focus on education and make the learning environment a place where students don't live in a constant state of fear from bullying on all levels, as was the norm from the previous regime. they will encourage open communication,feedback and course critiques without fear of harassment. it is hopeful that power will no longer be total, to one person, and there are a checks and balance and a chain of command to utilize, without fear of reprisals.

this is a great opportunity for those former students who were unfairly treated, and trampled on, to consider giving neit another go. beware; the old director, for some odd reason is said to now be teaching med-surg 1. this decision could be disastrous!

no more deflecting accountability, laying the blame soley on the students. time to look at the whole picture and stop accusing the students of not studying or being non-nursing material.

If everything goes well, I'll start in October. Hopefully, having the new director will help newcomers as well.