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Weird Pearson registration mishap, stressed and need 2nd ATT

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Hello! Any insight on this issue would be much appreciated.

I graduated nursing school on May 18th of this year. My NCLEX was scheduled for the 10th of June, but I was unable to take it because of a name/ID issue. The check in list at Pearson had my middle name listed  as my last name and since it didn't match my drivers license, I was unable to test. I have contacted my BON to fix the name issue, reapplied to test, and re-registered with Pearson. From there, I was told I needed to receive a new att before I could test. My issue is that its been 2 weeks and I have not received my new att.

Enough background, my question: Does my original att have to expire before I receive my second one? My original att has the validity dates from May 29-August 12 2019. I was blessed with a residency position that starts July 15th and therefore I am getting very worried that I haven't been able to reschedule a test and that my first att might have to expire before I can test. Any thoughts or opinions on how I could move this along? 

Incase this helps anyone, I live in Texas and, since I couldn't test, I was listed as a no show. This does not require me to have the 45 day waiting period as failing would. 

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