18 weeks until pinning. Feeling stressed!



So I am almost finished with my Lpn program and now I am having trouble balancing school and stress outside of school it is starting to effect my study patterns and ability to retain info. The stress is coming from my parents, they hate my bf, the try to ground me as if i am not 22, they say they have control over me because I moved back in with them. What do I do? I am to close for this to be happening.

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Unfortunately, you are living under their roof, so you are technically a guest and if they don't want someone in their house, it's their prerogative, regardless of your age.

At this point, you focus should be on your grades, your upcoming pinning, and the NCLEX; your parents and your boyfriend should understand that.

Best wishes.


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Are you going to tell your job when you are an LPN that your boyfriend and parents are stressing you out and you just can't deal? Nope. Lace up your boots and get it done. Time to be an adult. Priorities.


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I know a lot of people that had to go through this or currently going through this now my best advice is for you just to explain to your boyfriend that you have to follow their rules distance yourself from him until your done you are so close. If your relationship and boyfriend is genuine your relationship can last 18 weeks so you can finish nursing school. Your doing this so you don't have to live with your parents anymore and have to follow anyone's rules but your own.

Good Luck


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Thanks you all have good points! I feel so much better now!