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3 weeks more before my exam

dianer0se dianer0se (New) New

i'm soo nervous now. for those of u guys who took the exam already? what did u do during those 3 weeks more? did u read more books or just answer questions? honestly i dont know what to do exactly..:sniff: :confused:

Hi there,

I took my exam yesterday. MY suggestion to you is to totally concentrate on the CD questions of saunders/ kaplan... any kind which are similar to nclex. Always cultivate an habit to sit in front of computer and do the ????????????, in that way mentally you will be prepared to face the exam and you will have strength to be in front of the comp (in exam) in worst scenerio even to face 265, which we do NOT know right now. Hey don't get me wrong.

In my case, i took exam for the 3rd time yesterday. First 2 times, i got 265 ??? and i failed and yesterday i got 75 ???. Even yesterday mentally i was prepared for 265 ??? but thank godddddddddddd.

Three weeks prior to exam is the time for revision of whatever you studied all these days and then doing the questions as many as possible. When you do the questions, even if you do right/ or wrong always try to see why ur answer is right or why is it wrong??? in that way you will know the content and if you get any ???? of that topic, then you can answer it.

Hope this helps. Good Luck

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