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6 weeks for the BON to get results!?

Hey all,

i got my ATT yesterday and scheduled my NCLEX for June 16. My start date for my job is July 10th. I read online that it takes 6 weeks for the BON to get the NCLEX results to verify your license. That doesn't make sense to me considering you can see your unofficial results in a couple of days and I've heard of any of my friends waiting that long. I'm applying for licensure in NC if that makes any difference!

thanks!!! :)

Yikes, that is a really long time to wait. My license was posted within an hour and a half of finishing the test (different state, bless our BON!)

The NC BON website says that results are usually posted within 5 days, though.

"How many days will it take my license to post if I am successful?

Licensure will usually post within 5 business days unless all CBC requirements have not been fulfilled, if unsuccessful re-exam packets will be provided to candidates within 30 calendar days."


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