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Weekend/Baylor Home Health Nurse question


Anyone work as a weekend baylor hh nurse or know anyone that does? What hours does it entail? One person has told me 5pm Fri to 8 am Mon. Another has said it's Sat and Sun. I knew hospice nurses go out on calls at all hours but I didn't think home health nurses did unless it was something that came up during the day and needed to be added.

Another question..is the pay high or low for a baylor type hh RN position? Someone I know who does this for hospice (5pm Fri to 8 am Mon) makes $17/hr plus mileage. No more if he goes out on a call, takes the phones or does an admission or goes to a death.

Thanks for any info.


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Our Baylor position is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It's a salaried and benefitted position and the Baylor has the option of picking up extra cases during the week as well. The hours are generally around 8am to 6pm each day for visits and SOCs, with the paperwork due in by Tuesday am. The Baylor is expected to meet full visit productivity of 30 units per week.

This sounds really good for me..am assuming the 30 units means visits..if the position doesn't require any days other than scheduled and the salary is good this would work really well for me...I am going to go ahead and at least try the interview. THANK YOU for replying. :)


Specializes in COS-C, Risk Management. Has 20 years experience.

30 units does not mean 30 visits. The Baylor usually does the SOCs on the weekend, any ROCs that are unscheduled or discharge over the weekend, and of course the routine and prn weekend visits. Our SOC is 3 units, ROC is 2, regular visits are 1. Sometimes productivity cannot be made and in order to maintain salary, units need to be picked up during the week or s/he can do chart audits or other QA/PI tasks. Other times, we have far more than the Baylor can handle and we have to call around to try to get regular staff to give up some weekend time. That's the nature of the business, though, home health is always feast or famine, no middle ground.

Thanks - I called and canceled the interview. I spoke to a director at another office re: baylor..it sounds like it could be anywhere from Fri to Mon or..not. They are also entertaining "sharing" the baylor nurses w/sister offices. Just isn't the type of position for me. I've worked hh in the past, I know its a fluid flavor of nursing but this company sounds like it's really stressful to work for on top of everything else. I don't except any job to be without its pluses and minuses but this company again seems to have a lot more than others - at least posted on here and a few other web sites. I've accepted a position somewhere else. I "hate" though because the weekend position would work well for me personally.