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Would you ever buy a wedding band to just wear at work if you were/are not married? I am considering one because we have a psych floor and I am a bit "too nice." I genuinely am nice to people.

This is what was recommended to me. Have you considered doing something similar? I am in a relationship but not married. I also don't date people at work ever.

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I never did, though some people recommended it. Honestly, if patients/coworkers are going to hit on you, usually a wedding band won't deter that kind of attention from that kind of person. Case in point--I'm married now, wearing a band and shiny diamond and it still happens.

What matters is your response. Prepare yourself mentally for what you'll say in a variety of situations: blatant flirting, sexual harrassment, subtle flirting, etc. You may find the response rolls off your lips if you know in advance how you'll address it.


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It will also open up questions "ooh so you are married? Tell me about your husband!"

Plan your response of "Policy states we aren't allowed to discuss personal items" or " well it's been so long I don't count the years anymore"

My fake is 2.99 from Amazon and just for fun


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I bought a gorgeous fake from :) loved it!

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