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OK, so brandy knows this already. I am a home webtv user but cannot access the BB at home. After I log in, when I try to post, I bounce back to the screen saying I am not registered or logged in, which obviously I am, or i couldn't post today. Any body have any ideas on what I am doing wrong or have problems with webtv themselves? Thanks for any input. It has gotten quite frusterating at home.:confused:


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E-Mail Brian, maybe he has an answer for you.


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Thanks for the reply, tried that once already and he wasn't sure. Must be some incompatibility with web tv. Guess when we are not busy at work I can post, of course I am still at work and it is after 11pm...

:rolleyes: ;)


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amy, i don't think when you use web tv, there is anything that allows it to store cookies, or java capability. therefore.....you would have to relogin for all your posts. is this what is happening?

me!!! :)

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