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Weatherford College LVN-RN

Who has applied for the transition program (LVN-RN) with Weatherford College for Spring 2021 at Wise Campus?!? How many points did you have? I will have 31 but I am waiting for them to confirm this. This application process as been completely different because of COVID. I am also wondering how classes are going to go? Will we be doing more online classes? How will clinicals go? I am excited to know who has applied. Hopefully, a few of us will get in :)

Hey! I applied for the transition with 33-36 points depending on if Paula added my BSN classes to my app, was here was some confusion so I’m not sure. I emailed her last week and she said we should get letters first or second of September...I didn’t get mine today though. You??

No letter yesterday. Waiting for mail today. You are in with that many points 🙂 

Looks like I’m not getting my letter today either...let me know if you do!

Last year people started receiving letters by the 27th of August. Hopefully, we should be getting them soon. I’m going on vacation next week and don’t want to miss my letter. 

Yeah, well she told me 1 or 2 of September but IDK if she meant week or what. I emailed yesterday but she probably won’t email me back LOL 

I really hope she meant this week 🙂 It would be nice.  Did you get a letter in the mail? My mail doesn’t run until 3pm. 

Me too! Our mail hasn’t cone yet today, I’ll let you know!

Uuuugh. My mail hasn’t come yet but I’m assuming it’s not coming today. I’m in north Fort Worth where are you??

NW Fort Worth. In Azle. I’m so sad it’s not in there. Seriously....I just want to know.  I wonder how many spots are open?

I think I read somewhere 20 for wise location for bridge...😬

So I can see the mail for today already on my app...no letter so I’m guess not this week.😑

Letters haven’t been sent out yet. Talked to the school.