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Kunle Soyemi

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3 hours ago, spaghettidragon said:

Hello to those of you that are commenting on this page!

I believe the lowest score for getting accepted for those of us that just started in January which is the Spring 2022 program was 31 points. I could be a little off on that but I think it was over 30 points. But again it all depends on your competition at that particular time and how well they all score. I personally had 35 points.

The program is going really well but it is a lot of work. You really have to stay on top of all the assignments.  Good luck to all of you





Please do you how long one must have lived in Parker or wise County to be entitled for residency point. I moved to the County about two months ago and was wondering if am entitled for the point. 


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Hi, I am applying to the ADN program at Weatherford for fall 2023. Does anybody know the previous cut off for points for both fall and Spring 2022? I currently have 33 points. 


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@Master-J I think 33 is a safe number. For the fall semesters you really have a better chance because they have Main and Wise day programs and now both campuses have a night and weekend program as well. 

I don't remember exactly how many I had, maybe 37 or 38? Best of luck! 

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