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  1. This is for all students who have applied to the ADN program for the Fall 2023 term at both the Weatherford and Wise County campus.
  2. Hey y'all! Has anyone applied for the Weatherford College ADN Spring 2022 program. I'm considering applying but am nervous since they go based on a points system. Also, anyone who's in the program or who has graduated from it, what do you think about...
  3. The Future NursingAdvo

    Weatherford College Spring ADN 2023

    This thread is for anyone who has applied to Weatherford's Spring program for ADN...I hope to see fellow students on here soon with updates...good luck!
  4. Hi, I'm starting a post for anyone who have applied to the above program.
  5. Weatherford College ADN Fall 2022

    Hey y'all ! I am setting up a forum for Fall 2022 applicants. Also anyone who's in the program please come share your experience with us.
  6. Anyone applying for spring 2016? I know its still early but just wanted to get a feel for "competitive points" since the system has changed within the last year. I only have 26 for ADN so I don't know if I will make the cut. Plan B is to apply to LVN...
  7. Hi. I was trying to get some information. If anyone has had a good experience with the program? I received my acceptance today and am thinking about doing a lvn to rn bridge program. Anyone else accepted for spring 2015?
  8. Weatherford College ADN 2020

    Hi, My name is Christopher and I have been accepted into the Fall 2020 Wise County campus for nursing. I was wondering if anyone else has heard about how orientation is going to go down or where we are meeting. I have not heard anything as of yet an...
  9. Hey all! I just applied to Weatherford college Summer transition program to RN and was just seeing if anyone else on here has applied. ?

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