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My name is Christopher and I have been accepted into the Fall 2020 Wise County campus for nursing. I was wondering if anyone else has heard about how orientation is going to go down or where we are meeting. I have not heard anything as of yet and just want to make sure I did not miss the communication.


Kunle Soyemi

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Hi Christopher 

I am planning to apply for ADN in Bridgeport, wise county. Please from your experience is my 32 points competitive enough for admission. Secondly is it possible to pick the main campus and the Wise campus together so as to be considered for both. 




I think that is competitive enough. I honestly do not remember my actual score total. I know that I had 24 points before addition of my TEAS exam score. Your points that you have going into the application period is good. I recommend when you go in person to turn in your application, that is what I did and I was asked if I personally wanted to be at the Wise campus or the Main and I asked to be placed in the Wise preferably as it was close to my house. You can say that you do not mind either location when you turn in the application in person. I hope this helps. 


Kunle Soyemi

19 Posts

Really appreciate your reply. Thanks Christopher. 

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