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Weatherford ADN Fall 2017


Hey all! Figured I would get a thread going! Who all applied to the 2017 fall ADN program at Weatherford?

I have taken my TEAS (78.7 Reading, 87.5 Math, 48.9 English, 41.7 Science) but am retaking my TEAS this Friday to try and up my scores. With my old teas scores I have 31 points. I heard Spring 2017 took 31 points and Fall 2016 took 29!

I turned in my app. yesterday. I had 30 points. Anyone know when we hear back?

I turned my app in Monday and am applying with 34 points! How long until we know something? I'm so nervous and excited! Editited to add I read it could be 6 weeks:(

I have heard it is definitely 6 weeks. I applied; I know I am short on points for Fall 2017, but figured why not? You never know!! I am currently taking my last two pre-reqs, so I only get one point for each of those. If I don't get in for Fall 2017, I will reapply. Did anyone apply for Bridgeport campus? Anyone know the points for previous semesters at Bridgeport?

I only applied to WC main campus. I'm so ready to get those letters!!!!

Has anyone heard anything about letters? í ½í¸­

Website says 6-8 weeks after application deadline.... so unfortunately not till mid to end of April!

So, I just found this website and I was accepted to the Fall 2017 program at main campus. Did anyone else get in?