wearing wedding rings during pt. care


I have been working as an HHA for a few weeks now and I have developed a rash under my wedding ring. It has an intricate design, so I think powder from the gloves and moisture is getting trapped in there somehow. I (of course) wash my hands constantly and try to move my ring around to get it clean and the skin underneath. I sometimes just stick it in my pocket when I am giving care, but I am afraid I will lose it in a pt.'s home. Does any one buy a separate plain band to wear at work or clinicals? Or do you just not wear it at all?


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you could always take it off and put it on a chain around your neck... i've seen quite a few people at the hospital do that. When you wash your hands, make sure you take it off and dry real well under there. That happens to my hands if I don't dry under my ring, so I don't wear any rings to clinical at all.

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I recently got an engagement ring. :) While we looked around, I knew I wanted a ring that did not have a sharp edge, so I didn't tear my gloves. In the unit I will be working on, we use the very thick, non-latex gloves. I put a pair on to make sure it wouldn't rip. My wedding band also has diamonds in the band itself, so if I do stop wearing my engagement ring, I still have "bling". My ring does irritate me sometimes, b/c it starts itching under the band. If it doesn't have diamonds in it, see if you can get a comfort band. I had a ring with the same problem, but I got one of those rings and it was wonderful! -andrea

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