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We need a resolution!!! Staff/CNOs/Managers


Previous post from various members have listed this site as an area to vent as well as whine and complain with no obvious benefits to the profession as a whole. Seeing as though allnurses is heavily populated and has the potential to offer greater advancement of our profession, I'd like for staff workers to post concerns that decrease job satisfaction as well as OFFER SOLUTIONS to the main specific professional "hang-up" that he or she faces.

Can we tackle an item at a time as a group? List one main concern that would alleviate the majority of other issues and then list a second concern that you believe can be easily fixed. Write as if you are acting on behalf of your colleagues. Write as if individuals and groups reading can make these circumstances issues of the past.

At the end of this discussion, I'd like for administrators/management/nursing organizations/CNOs/CEOs nationwide to be able to recognize and feel that at least one item can be attacked aggressively and find resolve.

Well, go right ahead.