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Hi everyone! I was wondering, with all this craziness around the virus and deadlines being extended - have any Wharton applicants for Fall 2020 heard anything? I saw someone that had applied for the Fall LVN program got an acceptance already but I haven't seen or heard anything about the RN program. Has anyone got any kind of news?

Hello! I applied as well to lvn and ADN. I already got my acceptance to the lvn program but haven’t heard anything from the ADN program. I am really tempted to call up there but I think I will hold out a little longer. The semester is almost up so I’m sure we’ll hear soon! Best of luck to you!

I got my acceptance today! Did anyone else get in?

Me! I got in as well! CONGRATS to you!

CONGRATS!! Finally someone else LOL. I don’t have facebook so I’ve been in the dark just waiting. I’ve been so happy all day! Where are you from?

me too! It really made my day! I’m from Richmond. Prob a 30-40 min drive to campus. You?

El Campo...20 minutes. I wonder when we will find out whether it will be in person or online. I guess we will know once it gets closer. It feels like the 29th is so far away LOL.

yes! More waiting. But I applied to the LVN one and was told when I got accepted that it will be all online next semester. But I still don’t know for sure what the ADN will do. We’ll find out soon enough! Try to enjoy this time before we go full force for our RN!

I'm late to my own post but I also was accepted!! CONGRATS to you both! I'm so excited!

Congratulations! I’m super excited I’ve been watching Youtube videos on nursing school supplies hauls LOL. Where are you from?

I have been looking for so many supplies as if I don't have over 100 pens already LOL! I'm from El Campo so about 20 minutes away 🙂


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CONGRATS to all that have been accepted into the program! I remember how painful it was to play the waiting game.

Hi everyone! 

I plan on applying for Fall 2021. To those that were accepted to the program what were your total points for application?