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I recently fell into this wound care job. I've been doing agency nursing for the last year and I just got a new contract. It was labeled M/S Tele but I had an interview with the director and she explained to me the position is actually going around with the wound care nurse to 2 different hospitals. She says the wound care nurse will show me how to do things and then eventually we will split the patients. It's a mon-fri 7:30-4:00 position so for me I was like heck yeah ill take it! (I've been wanting to get out of floor nursing) Of course I asked if I needed to be wound care certified she said no I didn't need to be certified so I took the job. I have thought about wound care nursing before but never on a serious note. Now it's been presented to me so I want to take the opportunity to try it out. If I like it I think I'll try to stay in the position. I have been looking at different programs but I just can't tell what would be better. I see some programs that are like a year long (Emory) and I see some that are done in about a week (WCEI). I don't understand why I would want to take a wound care course for an entire year when I could do it in about a week in person or self paced online. If anyone has any insight on this, on what they think would be better pleaseeee let me know. I am just jumping in and hoping it works out.  


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I'm WCC certified. I fulfilled my wound care experience hours working in SNF's and hospice/ home care. As for the educational requirement, I completed the online course that University of Southern Indiana offers. As I looked at options, this was the most economical option for me.

I attended an inservice presented by WCEI and have done several of their online courses. All have been well organized, contained up to date information and were well-presented. If your employer is willing to pay for the their course and it fulfills all the requirements of the wound care certification you are interested in, then this might be a great option for you!

A word of caution, there are several online programs that do not meet the requirements set forth by any of the certifying agencies but their websites create the impression they do. Or they are their own "certification", not one of the organizations that offer true certification.



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Here's a link that compares the requirements for the main certifying agencies which might be helpful as you are considering options...



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Vampiregirl thanks a lot for the info I really appreciate this. I have been doing a lot of research and I have noticed there are a lot of programs that don't actually meet the requirements. But there are a few that I see most people mention quite often so I've done research on those too. I also have 1 more question, because it says you need a BSN and 1 year of nursing experience to obtain the wound care certification. I've been working med surg Tele and on a surgical floor for about 3 years now. I deal with a lot of different surgical wounds and pressure ulcers and drains.. I was assuming that would qualify me sit for the certification. But now I am thinking how do they approve your wound care experience? does it need to be in a SNF or a wound care center? I see some of the programs want you to find a preceptor but I didn't think I would need that since I've been working on the floor. Or does the floor need to be wound care specific? 

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Some programs offer a wound certification, they may require several years of working in wound care before being able to qualify for the exam. Other programs may be longer if they add in the other potential scopes (Ostomy, Continence, Foot Care).  For the wound care preceptors, they would need to be approved by the program (already certified), the preceptor and the hours spent are scope specific. If the SNF has the wound nurse, or the wound care center. When I first precepted, my preceptor set me up for a day in a clinic and a day with a home care nurse for varied experience.

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23 hours ago, SmellTheRose94 said:

 I've been working med surg Tele and on a surgical floor for about 3 years now. I deal with a lot of different surgical wounds and pressure ulcers and drains.. I was assuming that would qualify me sit for the certification. 

You will probably want to see how your experience aligns with the certification you are interested in.

I ended up opting for "part time" as even though I was working full time hours, only part of my job included wound care. I took every opportunity to learn from the wound nurse at our facility, was her back-up and tagged along on wound rounds whenever possible to gain experience. 

I learned so much taking the wound care course and studying for certification. I also recently put together an interdisciplinary wound care inservice for the hospice where I work and learned even more. Wound care is a really interesting area of nursing. 


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Thank you all for sharing & giving your insight! Ita definitely an area I'll think about exploring. I'll try out this position if I like it I'll probably just go for the certification. 

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