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Waynesburg University 2nd Degree Nursing Program

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Does anyone have any idea of the average GPA that is accepted for the 2nd degree nursing program at Waynesburg University? I am interested to know what others that have gotten admitted into the programs credentials were like. Very interested in attending this program.

I just started the application process for the 2014 start date. Anyone also looking into the ABSN 15 month program?

leroy221, I also applied to the 2014 start date. I am also interested in the statistics of competitive applicants to the program. Have you heard of any GPA and patient care experience stats?

Hey - nope. They seem to be slow in the process. They also requested my high school transcript? Did you also have to do that?

Hello, I too am planning on applying to the may 2014 class and I have a BS from Pitt in Emergency Medicine with a gpa of 3.6 and probably over 2000 patient care hours between work and clinical. I am a nationally certified Paramedic and CPR instructor and am currently holding a job as a Firefighter/paramedic. Don't know what everyone else's experiences or backgrounds are but that's my hand.

Anyone hear back on any updates? I emailed them and they said its still in the works. Wondering if anyone has heard anything else?

Has anyone heard any admission decisions yet?

No, the last time I talked to someone from the program they said they would start notifying applicants starting aug 1 so tomorrow's the big day...hopefully.

Well good luck! Did they say if they were calling people or sending letters? Let me know if you here anything. I will do the same.

Still have heard nothing. I hope they notify us soon. I am excited!!

Yea, I haven't heard anything as well.

Just called and talked to them. As of 1055 on 8/8/13 they were in a meeting doing the selections. She said that they were going to be notifying by next week and it was going to be either be by mail or email. Hope this helps.

That's so nerve racking. Good luck :)

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I am curious as to how many applicants there were.

I called admissions and was told I am accepted as long as I complete by bachelors in may. She sent me an email but said a hard copy was coming in the mail. Anyone else heard from them?

I got my acceptance letter in the mail this morning. Hope everyone else hears good news soon as well! So those of you that already got accepted, where are you coming from as far as undergrad and what is your degree in? Any medical experience?

I'm finishing my undergrad degree in nutrition at the University of Minnesota. I've worked in a nursing home as a nursing assistant, a phlebotomist at a plasma center, and I currently work as a nursing assistant at a pediatric hospital. This was the first program I applied to, it seems most post-bacc programs have applications due later during the winter. I don't know a lot about PA and the area around the University so if anyone is from around there, I am interested to hear how it is different from Minneapolis and Minnesota in general! I don't know the reputation of the school or program, so if anyone has information to share that would be great as well.

Cool. Kyle Hedrick look me up on facebook so we can chat some more.

I have also been accepted!!


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