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3-way Foley for Hemorrhagic Cystitis


Hello All. I am working at a hospital that only allows Urologist to place 3-way foley catheter for pt with hemorrhagic cystitis.

I am wondering what the practice is at other locations. Also, if there is any evidence you can provide that would be helpful. My current location has a very limited medical/nursing library.

Thanks for taking the time to read and consider.

Julie P.

I'm not sure of the "evidence," but the nurses put in the three-way Foley for patients with hemorrhagic cystitis at our institution.


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Only urology can place three-way foleys where I work, but I don't know the rationale behind that.


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Where I work, it is PREFERRED that a patient have a 3 way foley placed by an MD/DO/ARNP/PA as we only use them for CBI, and they are 24Fr (OUCH). The reasoning behind it is that if someone needs a 3 way, they most often already have bladder damage/bleeding, so we want to be extremely sure when we put it in that it's working/seated correctly, and the balloon is not blown up incorrectly/in the wrong spot. Don't ask me why they think an advance practitioner is going to do it better. In my experience, I've only seen a UROLOGIST do it better; usually the generalists tell the nurses, I'm supervising your insertion, go ahead and I'll check it after (i.e., I know you do this all the time, you do it). I've seen a urologist use a bladder ultrasound to check placement before on a tough insertion with bladder cancer/BPH issues.