wasted money taking practice from excelsior recently?


I took practice test online from excelsior college. took form A but when I want review those again , it won't show all 4 choice , only correct answer and rational. When I take the test I didn't study much just want see. Now I want to refresh & review that but they can't do anything, cause they change their blackboard system, dum ass who answer the call don't really care don't understand that we r wasting money. Anyone experienced this please call them bug them everyday, that's my plan.


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Yeah I noticed that too; they no longer show all 4 choices that were available during the test; only the ones you picked. This kind of annoyed me at first, but I'm used to it now.. The rationales still help so I don't really see how it's wasting money??


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It was frustrating at first to not see the other choices, but I have realized they showed the choices that really made sense to the question, it might be one answer, or three, but not all have to be present. Maybe I am just used to it now.

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When I utilized them before, I copied & pasted the exam after the first time. Then they got smart and you couldn't do that, so I actually rewrote the exam onto Word so I could study my mistakes. All in all, they were most effective and were close to the actual test.


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I've heard about this problem and I know several students who are being proactive with the school to get it fixed. I stopped using the practice tests when it was pointed out to me that even taking notes on them is against Ec's rules. The grades I made on the practice test were not a good indicator of how I was going to do on the real test and since I couldn't use them to take notes and study from, I didn't see the point of using them. I had finished my nursing theory exams before this latest snafu though.

It has also been suggested that this is not a technical issue but has been done on purpose by the school because students are posting which practice test questions are on the actual test and/or posting how to make copies of the practice tests. However, I don't see how not showing rationales would fix those issues...