Washoe Detention Center-Reno NV, Anyone?


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Never been to Reno, am discussing this opportunity with Recruiter right now. Anyone been there, worked there? I'd love to hear about what areas to stay clear of as far as apartments and thoughts in general regarding the Reno area.



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I can offer thoughts in general about Reno:

July and August are HOT! 90s-100s. Lake Tahoe is beautiful and not too far of a drive. There's a 24/7 feel to the city - you can always get a meal, go grocery shopping, etc.

Northwest Reno (Robb Dr. & Mae Anne) and South Reno (Damonte Ranch) are nice areas. If you want to ask me about specific living arrangements you may be offered, I can tell you if it's in a nice area of town or not...feel free to send me an e-mail. Many travelers at the hospital I work at are housed in an apartment complex called Manzanita Gate in NW Reno.

If you're talking about Washoe Detention Center at 911 E Parr Blvd, housing in the Stead area may be for you, there's some newer apartments there that are nice. Or maybe look for newer apartments in Golden Valley. Those are north of Reno, as is the facility.

I did a tour through that facility as a student nurse. I received a good impression of the place and actually left there thinking that correctional nursing may be a good option for me one day.

Best of luck to you! I rarely see many people post on these boards about Reno, so hope you find the info you need!


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Worked in Reno in the 90's and was one of my more favorite assignments. Did ER at St. Mary's, was there when the first G.Bush sent troops to the Middle East. Hope to someday return.



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i used to live in vancouver, bc canada and moved here in reno, nevada i have travelled to la,san francisco,portland, nyc,virginia etc..

and you know what when im away i think about going home to reno

it is truly the biggest little city in the world

it's big enough that you have everything you need unlike for instance nyc where everything is so far and traffic is the main concern

there's barely any traffic here and like what the other post said there are many decent safe places you can live..

also lake tahoe is just less than couple hours away where you could relax on your days off..

hope you decide to come live in reno

tc and Godspeed:redpinkhe

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