Working at St. Francis, contact numbers?

  1. does anyone work at st. francis or anywhere in the franciscan health care system? i applied to a few new grad jobs there and have heard that this is one of the only places still hiring right it a good place to work? how are the new grad orientation/rn residencies?

    i have a bsn, will that be helpful in my finding a job? it's been pretty tough so far, but i'm not about to give up!!

    because i am coming from out of state it has been really difficult to get any interviews, mostly because i don't have any connections, and hr just automatically rejects you. it is all about who you know.

    anyone have any info, email addresses, or phone numbers for managers or recruiters that would be of any help?? thanks in advance, i have a family to support!!
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  3. by   anticoagulationurse
    Ummmm, what St. Francis/where? St. Francis is like St. Joseph, they're everywhere!
  4. by   baschaff
    St. Francis in Federal Way, but info on ANY of them would be helpful. Thanks for your reply, it's tough out there!