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Hello, We are considering a move up the coast to the PNW. We are trying to narrow down our choices...Portland through WA, up to Seattle area. I keep hearing about the rain shadow and areas in the... Read More

  1. by   Larry77
    Quote from moondancer
    Thanks for that info, Larry. So do you live in WA or OR? If you don't mind saying? And northern...around Seattle area, mid, or Vancouver area?
    Thanks again, have a great day! :spin:
    Vancouver area here...near Portland OR
  2. by   splunking
    Quote from ann945n
    north of everett kind of hill billy and east of north bend is the mountains.
    Totally disagree. There is more 'farmland' north of Everett, but you won't find nicer people. And cost of living is far more affordable. I live in the Arlington area. LOVE IT. Great school district, great shopping! Things are really growing here, but not congested or metro. We have a costco, target now.. we even have the 'Seattle Premium Outlets" and the Tulalip Casino close by. AWESOME SHOPPING. We were especially picky about the school districts... Marysville is in some major transition, so not so good, Arlington is good, Lakewood is a smaller district, but good... too much further north isn't good, Mt. Vernon is awfull. I love that we can still go see the action without being a part of it. We take the kids to the children's museum in Everett, and the Woodland Park Zoo, or the Seattle Science Center all the time. We love to go downtown for the Ballet, or Musicals. I just can't afford/ don't want to live there. We have WAY lower crime, and a nicer, more affordable house.

    ANyway, just my $0.02
    Good Luck!
    - Cindy