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    I am in my pre-req's for the Nursing program at Everett Community College. I am applying for Winter quarter soon but I am nervous. My sister applied for spring - rejected fall - rejected and now she'll be applying there for a third time in winter with me. She didn't have to repeat any science's and got A's & B's in everything except a C in Anatomy. I'm doing good so far with A's in chem, cell and will prob get a B in Anatomy. It seems that Evcc is getting a lot of applicants every quarter so it's getting super competetive. They dont require CNA or statistics or nutrition so haven't done any of those but most other community colleges require it. I signed up for CNA program in august and dont know if I should go for stats and nutrition so I can apply to shoreline, bellevue etc OR Skagit has an LPN waitlist but they require a special nursing math that only their school offers. Should I apply up there and take that math and get on waitlist or focus more on the other non-waitlist schools? I've been hearing rumors of Skagit not being a good program so I don't want to waste my time doing that NMath class if it only applies to Skagit. SO my question would be, what community colleges have great programs that I should focus on applying to? I'm Everett area so that would be best but for fall 150+ people applied and they only take 32 people! I dont have a 4.0 due to math grades so I'm nervous! Help please
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    I would suggest you do as much as you absolutely can! All of the CC programs in the area are extremely competitive. I'm up in Bellingham, and we have a RN program at our CC and let me tell you, it's pretty stinkin' tough as well.

    Keeping your grades up is most vital if you ask me regarding the RN programs in the area. Most of these programs weigh your GPA into account at some point. I know that's frustrating, but unfortunately, that's sometimes how it goes. Pick the top five choices YOU want and then research them very carefully regarding admissions. Do they account for extracurricular activities such as getting your NAC? Do they want a letter of recommendation, and who would it be best to have that come from (a nurse, a well known professor).

    Have you thought of applying to any universities? If you're worried about grades, but are getting your NAC, you could look into UW, they offer an amazing program and want those that have the other experiences (such as their NAC or volunteering experience). They don't usually pick the people with the 4.0's or impossibly high GPA's. Why is it that you're limiting yourself to only CC's? The single best thing you can do is find every single program you'd remotely be interested in, find out what they like and dislike and then do your homework. If you know they base it purely off GPA, and you only have a 2.8 or something, is it worth taking the time to apply? Yet if you took the time to get a 3.97 and are applying to a program that GPA means next to nothing (some places are like that) without having any sort of other life experience, is that the best route?

    This may sound discouraging, but nows the time to be realistic about life. You have all too many choices to make (trust me, I'm in the exact same shoes as you right now) but by looking at things from a few different angles, you might find a way to get into program that'd be well-suited for you and ensure you get that acceptance letter.
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    I am limiting to community colleges because I don't have the money to go to University, I can't get a student loan because I'm at the age where I require a cosigned and I don't have anyone who can.

    I am doing great in all my classes except that for my High School Algebra I got a C so that is what I'm worried about, other than that it's been A, A- and this quarter a possible B in anatomy, I know that Phys and Micro I should have no prob getting at least a B/A- but I've just been hearing Evcc is soooo competitive but all the other school's require more pre-req's so not sure to spend the extra money for the other 3 classes or all eggs in one basket so to speak with everett.

    Also I had just been hearing that Skagit is where all the people who had to do retake's/bad gpa go so I just wanted to get other's opinion on that, I've got good grades so far and don't want to like you said, apply somewhere that GPA doesn't matter and maybe have that look bad?

    I'm not really worried about grades, just having to wait a long time to get into a program due to high volume applicants with 4.0's!
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    If you have more B's then A's then it is going to be hard to be accepted to Skagit.
    For 30 spots they take 6 students from waiting list (old one) and the other 24 are from competitive admission. I have heard that for Spring 2011 GPA was pretty high. I have 3.96 and got in for Fall 2011
    I applied to Whatcom, too, however they add extra point (+1) for previous degree so my GPA is not worth it too much Someone with previous degree and 3.2 GPA will be ahead of me.

    Check Bellevue. Admission is based more on TEAS exam results then GPA.

    Also I had just been hearing that Skagit is where all the people who had to do retake's/bad gpa

    All people I know that got in worked hard on their GPA and they didn't retake classes.
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    Ok, thank you so much for the information! I thought Skagit was a good program but couple girls in my class were knocking it. Congrats on getting in!! How exciting! I did hear though from one gal in passing here friend got a rejection letter from Skagit for this Fall because they were only taking students with 4.0's! You never know what to believe through hearsay.

    Whatcom sounds like a good option for me! I have about a 3.2 or so right now but I do have an Associate's degree already so I could be a good candidate for their program. And my goodness! Congrats on the 3.96 that's amazing!
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    So if you have Associate's Degree you DEFINITELY should apply to Whatcom!

    "but couple girls in my class were knocking it"

    Can I ask why?

    When I was talking with nurses on my unit (before I was applying to any RN program) they told me that Skagit nursing students are the best. I have my own opinion about Skagit, Whatcom and BTC, too. But it doesn't matter where I go. My goal is getting my RN license. These days it's not easy to get into RN program except BTC where you just have to wait for your turn. I am honored and happy that I was admitted to Skagit.

    How far are you with your prereqs?
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    I am in anatomy & psychology right now and then I'm doing physiology in summer with Micro in fall and that's all I have left so I am so excited!! I will be hopefully applying for winter quarter wherever I can and I'll definately check into Whatcom, sounds like it would be great for me!

    The girls in my class were saying they heard it was where people went if they couldn't get in elsewhere. I think they believed it was a waitlist only program so if you were on the list you got in, maybe it used to be like that a while back? Sounds like now it's a good choice!

    Thanks for the info!
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    I think they believed it was a waitlist only program so if you were on the list you got in, maybe it used to be like that a while back?

    Yes, that was a while back. Now, it's competitive admission so you have to have a high GPA to get an interview
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    Hi there,

    I just wanted to let you know Miss Piggy that they updated the admission requirements for Whatcom for the entering class of Fall 2011, where they add only .25 points if you have a previous degree to make it more fair for those who do not have one but have good grades. Although by now you should have gotten something saying whether you got in or not. Hope this helps!
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    I am applying this coming up Spring quarter for Whatcom's nursing program. Do you think I have a chance with a 3.6 gpa and I get .25 extra point for having a previous bachelors. Thanks! I appreciate any advice or tips!