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  1. by   kasko
    Quote from fn2012
    How does one prove that they have taken it? Is having a CNA license?

    Im not sure, I will go to my CNA teacher and ask her if she can give me some sort of paper showing that I did have the HIV/AIDS. Have you asked anyone at the SON if having your CNA is acceptable?
  2. by   fn2012
    I got in contact with Anh at UW and she said a CNA certification will work! Happy to have saved myself 7hrs.
  3. by   kasko
    Quote from fn2012
    I got in contact with Anh at UW and she said a CNA certification will work! Happy to have saved myself 7hrs.
    Thanks for doing that saves me time also!
  4. by   kasko
    fn2012, how long did it take for Anh to reply? I sent her my compliance stuff and some questions I had on the 3rd and still havent heard back from her.
  5. by   fn2012
    She got back to me rather quickly, next day.
  6. by   kasko
    Is anybody else on here planning on taking the two classes at UW this summer?
  7. by   kasko
    Does anyone know when we could start registering for classes for fall?
  8. by   abalone
    Uhggggg. I've been so busy writing my public health thesis I totally forgot to apply for the UW-Harborview Nursing Student Loan Program! That application was due May 15! For some reason I had June in my head. Now I feel like an idiot... That experience and money REALLY would have helped a ton. Guess I'll just have to apply for next year as well as individually to the hospitals' nurse tech positions..... Major bummer. Clearly it was my responsibility, but boy do I wish they had sent out a reminder email
  9. by   ED2012
    I know how you feel abalone, I remembered about it the night of May 14th, and had to whip up an essay super quick. Which is never a good thing. :uhoh21:
  10. by   armynurse68
    Has anyone received the additional information needed to complete the HIPAA requirements?
  11. by   JLoya
    I got an email from Anh Shafer about this.

    Are you starting the Summer or Fall??

    If you start the Fall... "I have not set up the HIPAA account for you yet since you will be starting in autumn. I will send out an email when that happens."

    Pretty much all of my other compliance **** is done minus the background check, the HIPAA, and the form that you submit once the background check is done...

    I am so ready for a summer off....
  12. by   armynurse68
    I'm starting in the Fall so I know I don't need everything done, but I would like it to be! The only message I got was one saying she would send out further information but that was last month. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss the email. HIPAA and the background check is all I have to do as well, oh, and buy the uniforms!
  13. by   abalone
    On the topic of uniforms, I thought I'd mention something. As a graduation gift my roommate picked me up a set of scrubs from UW's South Campus Bookstore (behind the Health Science Building). The pants (size M) were ridiculously large but I figured I'd mention that the ones sold by UW are Landau brand, color "RPP" (Grape).
    (Landau Women's 4-Pocket V-Neck Snap Front Solid Color Solid Scrub Top |