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Greeting everyone, I'm among one of the applicants for SONUW of Fall2007. Is anyone else out there wandering around this forum? Proctored Essay dates are of Feb 20 and 21st. Did anyone... Read More

  1. by   lc3
    WA does not have any accBSN programs. They only have the Master Entry Programs. There is 3 in WA--UW, Seattle U and PLU. I start the UW MEPN program on Monday.

    The closest accBSN is in Oregon.
  2. by   lindarn
    Quote from lc3
    WA does not have any accBSN programs. They only have the Master Entry Programs. There is 3 in WA--UW, Seattle U and PLU. I start the UW MEPN program on Monday.

    The closest accBSN is in Oregon.
    What about Idaho? And where is the Accelerated BSN in Oregon? Thanks.

    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Spokane, Washington
  3. by   jcbali
    Quote from Ebouster
    Hey buddy I know how it feels, believe me, I was rejected last year. All you can do is to try and do what you can to improve your application for next year, or, apply at other schools. My application this year was much improved from last years.
    Ebouster - what did you do to improve your application?
  4. by   Ebouster
    Quote from jcbali
    Ebouster - what did you do to improve your application?
    The big thing for me I think was that I got a job at hospital. For my first application I had worked at a nursing home facility and got a letter of recommendation from the LPN that didn't follow the directions I gave her to write the letter.

    I had one of the charge nurses I work with at the hospital write my second letter of recommendation - it was awesome. Make sure you get someone good to make your letter of recommendation, I think this is very important.

    It's sometimes hard to get a job at a hospital, be vigilant about it, keep bugging them, and make a good resume.

    My resume was 100X better than the resume I made for my first application to UW. There were so many more skills I learned from working in a hospital that I could put on my resume. I went to the public library to get a nursing resume book that helped a TON, I would highly recommend this. Yes, there is a book strictly on nursing resumes.

    I used the same personal statement essay the second time around, so no improvement there.

    The proctored essay question the second time was much easier than the first one, which I know I did much better on.

    One of the other guys that I'm going to school with now said that he didn't get in his first time around either. What he said he did was that he went to every single information session and got to know the instructors there so that they knew him by name. He would ask them questions about everything and try to find ways to improve his application. He thinks that this worked for him.

    It's funny, I get rejected from Highline CC, Tacoma CC, and Pierce CC nursing programs, yet I get accepted into UW. BCC I think is not as hard to get into. I'm also on the waiting list for Skagit Valley CC just incase I fail out of UW.. haha. My backup plan.

    Anyways, hopes that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.
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  5. by   kelci22
    Hi, I'm a recent grad of the UW nursing program (BSN). I graduated in June and just took my NCLEX yesterday. Just wanted to say good luck to all of you who are trying to get in. I was a post-bac student, which made it nearly impossible to get in. I was placed #1 on the wait-list the first year I applied and still didn't get in. The next year, I re-submitted my application and was accepted. It's true what others in this forum have said about post-bacs. What I was told three years ago is that they can only accept a maximum of 10% post-bacs into the program. This is not a decision made by the School of Nursing, but a rule created by UW because they try to give priority to students who have not earned a bachelor's degree yet. Therefore, instead of trying to get one of the 96 spots, you are trying to get one of maybe 9 or 10 spots. I considered the MEPN program, but I wouldn't recommend it because it is obsurdly expensive and you take the same classes with BSN students so it's not worth any extra money.

    Anyway, best of luck to all of you future RNs

  6. by   lc3
    I would actually recommend the MEPN program if you know you want a master's in a specific speciality. Yes, its really expensive but its only for one year. Essentially, you are doing the BSN in one year. The class is also a lot smaller so get to know your classmates really well.

    I must say though, its a very intense program. Yes, you are also taking classes with other BSN students but it still doesn't feel the same for some reason.
    I didn't chose the second BSN route because I thought it was a better deal to tack on 1 year and get a MSN on top of it. I guess it just depends on your future goals.