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Hi everyone :) I was wondering if anyone has thoughts or experiences with St. Joseph Medical Center. My Mom tells me (from her experience there when she was pregnant) that its a wonderful... Read More

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    The 300 new grads internship in 2009 was because they opened a brand new sister hospital in Gig Harbor, WA: St. Anthonys. They were also close to opening another sister hospital in Enumclaw: Enumclaw Hospital. All hospitals are part of Fransciscan Health System: St. Joes (Tacoma), St. Claires (Lakewood), St. Francis (Federal Way), St. Anthonys and Enumclaw (the newest in their additions). I have worked at St. Joes...went through their new grad program Med/Surg/Tele. I can say from my experience the hospital was very nice, the old nurses dont eat their young and very supportive of new grads. Everyone makes sure you're doing ok. The charge nurses are excellent. If the floor was full with heavy care load patients, we had extra float CNA and extra float RNs in addition to scheduled RNs. From managers to charge nurse to staff nurses, everyone comes and asks if you need help and they do if you ask. I would recommend any new grads to apply there through their internship. Also, after getting your foot for one yr, the chances of getting hired to ICU, ER, OR, L&D is very high. They hire their own employees who have 1 yrs of med/surg in speciality areas first then open to public nurses with experience. They make you go through additional internship in those speciality areas. Go for Franciscan Health System anyday !!! I knew few travel nurses who loved it so much, they took permanent RN positions there.
    That's good to hear =D
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    I echo the above. I'm very happy there.