Swedish Residency February 2017

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    I am a new graduate nurse applying to Swedish's February 2017 cohort RN Residency. I had my first interview four weeks ago and the recruiter said that I would have a second, in-person, interview and would let me know in 2-3 weeks when the date was...long story short I have had trouble contacting the recruiters since the 3 week mark and was wondering if anyone was having the same troubles or if anyone has already completed their second interview? I am so excited to interview with them, I just hope they didn't forget about me!

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  3. by   aalania
    Hi JRRN44,
    I've been having a similar issue! My phone interview was exactly 3 weeks ago and the recruiter said she'd let me know in 2-3 weeks when the second in person interview would be but I haven't heard back either. I was starting to think that they didn't want to a second interview anymore but I guess this is a common issue. Have you emailed the recruiter to follow up yet? I was thinking of doing so tomorrow.
  4. by   JRRN44
    Hey aalania! Thanks for your response! I was as well...I hope we are still being considered! I emailed the recruiter I originally interviewed with, and unfortunately she no longer works at Swedish. So I tried emailing another recruiter a week ago, but have had no response yet :/ Let me know if you get a response! Hopefully we will both hear back soon
  5. by   klcspb
    Hi! That is super frustrating that you guys have been waiting so long. Not sure if this is helpful at all, but I just had a phone interview for the residency with them yesterday and the recruiter told me she’s meeting with unit managers next week to go over resumes and they would start contacting for the next interview in mid-December. Good luck to you guys! Hopefully we all hear something soon!
  6. by   ZAR963
    Hey guys! Just FYI I started in October, had my first interview in the beginning of July, and didn't have second interviews until mid September. Don't lose hope!
  7. by   keonigt
    So swedish only has nurse residencies in February, August, and November?

    I feel that I won't be able to make the February cohort because it is so close to graduation and taking the nclex.
  8. by   piggy4me
    So just found out I didnt get the position I interviewed for, Nephrology, but they transferred me to interview for a general medical floor which I have yet to hear back for dates. Does anyone have any tips?? Feeling really disappointed right now.
  9. by   RNmaa
    Hello, I'm applying for the November cohort soon and had a question for you! I live in Michigan and was wondering that if I made it past the phone interview what are the odds that I would be hired after the in-person interview? I'd have to travel there and would really like to know about the in-person interview and if it would most likely be a guarantee after spending money to travel there and back. Let me know if you can! Also how do you like working there?
  10. by   ASUNAVY
    @ ZAR963

    I just wanted to see how the residency program was for you? And also do you have any advice. I am going to be an August graduate as well and it is very hard to find residencies that match up with that timeframe. Thank you.
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