Skagit Valley Fall 2017 Cohort?

  1. Hello all! I wanted to start this topic for anyone who may be applying for the Fall 2017 cohort at Skagit Valley College. I sent my application in a few weeks ago, so the waiting is killing me considering results do not come out until July! But, I am just wondering what you all are going in with and if there is any advise regarding this school and their acceptance requirements. Good luck to you all and I look forward to reading your posts!
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  3. by   kpancake
    I'm applying! I am finishing up BIOL 242 and another class now, and taking the TEAS on Friday! I can't finish my application til final grades are in but really the TEAS is what's important at this point. What did you get on yours?
  4. by   smaimgomez
    Congratulations on finishing up prerequisites! I got an 89.5 on my TEAS, I feel pretty good and hope it's enough to get in. Good luck to you on the test and your application! I hope more people applying will find this post and we can all stress together over the ridiculously long wait we have until we find out
  5. by   kpancake
    Great job on the TEAS! I got in the 90's, and I am super pumped. According to my advisor, your score should totally be enough to get in! The average they take is consistently 85, but she told me above an 80 is enough. She cautioned me to make sure I had the right kind of CPR card.
    I will feel better when I have an acceptance letter in hand... But excited about the future.
  6. by   smaimgomez
    That's awesome! Good job! My advisor also mentioned about the CPR card, so I verified it. I'm super excited and nervous at the same time! With the wait being so long, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself! Good luck to you!
  7. by   HaileeJH
    I hope to see you guys there! We should find out by like... Mid July? Maybe sooner? Just ready to get this show on the road and get into school!
  8. by   smaimgomez
    Yes, definitely! Skagit has such a long application period. Mine has been in since April, so I am beyond ready to get this show on the road!! Good luck to you all
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  9. by   HaileeJH
    Stttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllll waiting
  10. by   Feathers101
    Hello! I saw that you applied for Spring 2017 and was curious if they send out letters early??

    I am applying as a transfer nursing student from another nursing program because my husband is military and we have to move...

    My time frame is tight for finding out if I get in, or not, or waitlisted, and when the movers are set to arrive to take our stuff to WA. If I get waitlisted or not accepted I would stay here and finish my next semester and do the LPN exit and apply to Skagit's LPN to RN instead...

    So if you have any info on transfer applications that would be awesome, also if you know if they send acceptance/declination letters early it would be awesome!!

  11. by   Feathers101
    Quote from HaileeJH
    Stttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllll waiting
    That was my first post to this site... my post was directed to you!! :-)
  12. by   jdchrist89
    Anything yet? I think were going to find out this week hopefully.
  13. by   HaileeJH
    I'm sorry I have no idea other than we'll find out by the 31st. Last time we got letters at least a week early than the deadline though.
  14. by   smaimgomez
    I haven't received anything yet. Do you know how early they may come? I really hope we don't have to wait till the 31st!!