Shoreline CC Nursing- Winter 2017

  1. Hello there! My name is Katie and I am applying to the Shoreline CC 6-quarter program for Winter of 2017. I am very excited to begin nursing school and wanted to start a thread for anyone else who is about to apply! I'm looking to get to know my fellow applicants and (hopefully) future cohorts. I've heard that the minimum points for admission to the Spring 2016 cohort was 102.4 so I was curious as to how many points people are applying with for Winter 2017 I can't wait to hear from everyone and good luck to all!!
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  3. by   tropicalyeti
    Hi Katie -- good luck with your application! I was really hoping to apply this Winter as well but as it appears yet again, I haven't finished all the pre-reqs. My GPA is good and I have First Aid/CPR, volunteer hours, etc so the only points I'd miss out heavily on is not being a CNA. (I'm an MA and am kind of bummed that doesn't count towards much experience in the eyes on nursing school) Just curious, where did you do your pre-reqs? Were any of them online? Are you applying anywhere else? I have Statistics left to take and I'm debating on doing it online through NSCC since I did all my other pre-reqs there. AND Bellevue is just starting a point based system as well for next year, guh!
  4. by   katielaisywalker
    That's awesome about Bellevue starting a point system! I had not heard that but I think that's way more fair than the heavily weighted TEAS score. I took all my pre recs at LWTC. I really liked all the classes there. The only ones I did online were Nutrition and Soc. I did my stats as a hybrid where the lectures were online but the tests were in person. I really liked that system. That sucks about your MA not counting!! I'm very sorry to hear that. I really hope you get in I'll have my fingers crossed for you!
  5. by   Missalliss
    I was hoping to apply to Shoreline's nursing program for winter '17, but I am a little discouraged because I will only have 100 points. The only way I can get more points is by getting the 6 points for volunteering 192 hours, but I would not be able to get that many hours before the application deadline because I am still working on getting my 100 hours for the 3 points. I am going to apply anyways, but I just don't feel very confident knowing that the minimum amount of points is 103. So stressful!
  6. by   katielaisywalker
    Awhh I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged. At least if you apply and don't get in you'll be super confident about your application the next go around. And it won't be as stressful because you'll know exactly what to expect during the application process and it sounds like you'll have plenty of points by the time you finish all of your hours! I hope 100 will get you in though, that would be awesome!
  7. by   honaish
    The minumum acceptance for spring was 102.4, but I had 101.5 and I was third on the alternate list and got called on the first day to be offered a spot. What are you points looking like?
  8. by   honaish
    Tropicalyeit: They prefer CNA's over MA's because first quarter is pretty much being a CNA (though faculty would never say that). You do things at clinical like lifting, positioning, vitals, dressing, toileting, etc... You work alongside CNA's at your clinical experience and report on and off to the RN.

    Missalliss: Definitely apply anyway! You may get in! You'll only be out the application fee. If you don't get in, be sure to meet with the program director to go over your application. She will make sure the points were calculate correctly, and you should ask her how you can up your points. Where are you volunteering? Can you volunteer more shifts to get your hours done faster?
    Do you have both bonus points for your application? I used nutrition and psychology 101.
  9. by   mbatiaagency
    i am working towards applying for the winter 17 quarter and trying to get the compass test math to a 69. my grades are great but the compass test math isn't easy for me,even after doing all the math needed. Any ideas on how to go about it. Like prep ideas? desperate to. My points are 106 without educational points and this is holding me back. Please advice
  10. by   honaish
    Wow, That's a tough one. Has it been a while since you took a math course?
    Maybe try going online to find some compass math practice tests to help prepare you. I want to say you are definitely competitive with 106 points.
  11. by   T_Petes
    Hi All,

    I'm looking to apply to Shoreline CC during their next application period and was wondering what classes people put for the non-required but helpful category? I'm taking Medical Terminology which I'm going to include but I wasn't too sure about the second class.

    Honaish, did they accept Psych 101 as a bonus class?

    Any help would be appreciated!
  12. by   mbatiaagency
    Any class works as long as it's relevant to the nursing program
  13. by   EB1989
    Hi there! Can anyone explain the differences to me between the 6-quarter and 10-quarter programs, and how one is a transfer degree? Is the other not? I am hoping to earn my BSN as quickly as possible (through the associate's degree at Shoreline then a transfer for a ladder program). I don't know which is the best program option for me to submit my application for? Thanks! (PS: All at Shoreline!)
  14. by   Mpaige5
    These points drive me crazy! Ha! I will also be applying pending my Accuplacer test. Going in next week to give it a whirl! The math part terrifies me. I am really confused actually how you can either place into elementary algebra with a score of 63 or higher or college level math with 25 or higher. Confused what I should study for at the minimum in. Does anyone have any suggestions? As of now I am sitting with 103.7 points (possibly 104 depending if my stats grade ends up increasing). However, I also just scored a CNA job but don't think I will have enough time to complete the hours before the deadline, even though I am going to try. At that point, I would have 106.7 points. I have been working towards this for so long and am so ready to get this nursing thing going Any feedback for the Accuplacer would be awesome! Thank you
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