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I just got accepted to Seattle University's APNI program and was wondering if any of my fellow future classmates were interested in starting a thread of our own. We are about to embark on an... Read More

  1. by   Dana-APNI
    Thanks for the responses about the financial aid. I'll keep being persistent. For those of you that have had loans increased or adjusted, how do you know? Do you see a change in your online cost of attendance or in your award letter? My counselor told me she would increase my amounts and I could apply for Plus loans but I haven't seen any changes yet or been given any new totals.

    I too am moving in late May/early June and understand the discomfort. Its pretty scary, especially with the financial situation cloudy. I can't help with the roommate situation but you might talk with someone in student services or housing about matching you up with another SU student. Someone on our facebook site mentioned possibly getting together the weekend of May 16th. I'll be in town that weekend and would love to meet with anyone interested. We're planning on the Mariners game on the 16th so I'd like to work around that if possible.
  2. by   jeccagold
    Hi all! I posted this on FB earlier and am now posting it here since some people have FB and no account here and vice versa.

    I was thinking that we could plan ahead a little more for this next meet and greet for our cohort! The 1st was pretty last minute and kinda happened in the blink of an eye.

    That said, does anyone have any ideas for what/where/when for the next meet and greet? This way we might be able to get a few more people in the mix now that we've got more people who've joined the thread and the FB group.

    About the financial aid situation: right now I'm just glad that I got some money! So I'm gonna try to keep cool and wait til the Summer Aid app comes online and see how much I get for all 4 quarters. Hopefully it'll be enough to cover, otherwise I'll ask my finaid counselor (Jamie -- just like you, Karla!) to increase the amount. I think they said that the application comes online in May, so just a few more weeks! (Although I feel like an idiot cuz I'm constantly checking SUOnline to see if it's up yet, even though I know they're posting it in May. Maybe it gives me a sense of connection to the school or something). =P

  3. by   jeomoz
    Quote from APNIStudent
    Hi All!
    I enjoyed meeting everyone at the Ram last week... I think you all are going to have a good cohort. That said, I have decided to pursue a different program. That decision was based on tons of research, where my partner got into grad school, and where I am at this point in my life. It was a difficult decision as I believe that SU is a terrific school and that a decision to stay here would have been equally good. The best of luck to all of you!!
    My program doesn't start until August, but I'll put out there that I will have a cute, renovated 3bed house for rent a few miles South of campus in the best of neighborhoods in Mt. Baker if anyone is interested... shoot an email. It should be available before September 1.
    Good luck!! I almost went the SM route myself, but their prereqs were killing me. They have some great faculty though. I guess we're kinda trading spaces. You're moving to my old stomping grounds and I'm moving to yours. Don't know how familiar you are with the bay area but if you don't want to live in OAK you might check out Alameda. It's not a far commute, cute place, but a bit pricey.
    Best wishes!!
  4. by   APNIStudent
    thanks jemoz,
    i actually lived as few blocks from SM for most of the 90s, and love the area... though alameda is super cute too!
    i think the pre-reqs thing is funny, as one of my major issues with SU was that they were gonna make me retake algebra and general psych even since my calculus etc was more than 10 years old! i just couldn't bring myself to do it. best to you! and see you aroud some day i'm sure,
  5. by   J9APNI
    Hi fellow cohorts!
    I just got this link from Sabrina...I definitely want to meet all of you at the next APNI'09 gathering. As a matter of fact, maybe I'll host it!?! I live in the Mt. Baker neighborhood (about 2 miles from campus) and have a decent sized yard that could hold all of us (weather permitting!). Well, let's chat about that and other things...I just returned from my financial services meeting and feel everyone's pain...our school isn't cheap, but it will be worth it for all of us in the end ...and just think how smart we will be!
    Looking forward to meeting you all soon!!
  6. by   ksc2004
    Hi Janine, what track are you in?
  7. by   J9APNI
    I am in the GNP track. You?
  8. by   ksc2004
    I was in the GNP Track too, but I switched to the Certified Nurse Midwifery Track. :::Excited:::

    What made you want to do GNP?

    Oh and do you have Facebook? Our Cohort has a group there as well! :-)
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  9. by   Dana-APNI
    Hey Carla, I saw that you switched to the CNM track. I'm curious about your thought process on this. I wavered quite a bit before choosing the GNP over the Psych track but feel pretty solid on my choice at this point. I am curious about your decision though if you don't mind discussing it.

    For the rest of you in the GNP track, I'm curious about your reasons for choosing this specialty and where you see yourself working in 2, 5 or 10 years. I don't have a clinical background and plan to practice for several years, but am also interested in research and faculty opportunities as well. There seems to be no shortage of funding or opportunity in the GNP arena.

    Financial Aid update: I did finally see an adjustment on my cost of attendance yesterday (after a couple of emails and quite a bit of time). For those of you who are still waiting, the total COA came in about $51k for the year and this includes everything. We can't register until May 13 and won't be able to request more financial aid until after summer registration. The bookstore is now showing our required textbooks for summer classes. I know that past cohort members have mentioned selling books. I'm going to contact Sabrina about setting up some type of communication with them so we can help them out.
  10. by   ksc2004
    dana - when i applied to the sucon-apni program, i did not know that the cnm track was on the works of becoming an official specialty. i actually did not know that this was even an option until i spoke with dr. carr. she was soooo kind to give me about 2 weeks of researching and job shadowing a cnm. as clich as it may sound, i've always been interested in obstertrics and gynecology (women’s health in general). before starting my undergrad at uw i wanted to follow the premed route to become an ob/gyn, however after job shadowing a few, i realized that i wanted/needed more from the profession, which is patient/medical practitioner relationship, and that's what guided me to nursing.

    also... i found myself having to find "reasons" to be excited about becoming a future gnp (even though i was already accepted into the program)... to make a long story short, i would have entered a profession that i would have not be completely content with. i have about 2-3 years of nursing assistant certified experience under my belt, and it is not an easy job (...mentally) i have a lot of respect for men and women who work as nacs fulltime, and i realized that working with the geriatric population requires a lot of strength and courage. as an nac, i found myself getting too attached to my residents and it would literally affect me if one of them passed on. additionally, if i continued on this track (gnp), i would have done it for personal reasons (family reasons) and not for me (there's a personal story behind why gerontology was my number one choice, initially.. and i can share that with you one on one :-)

    overall, lets just say that i thought really really really hard about this decision. i researched about cnm's and gnp's (again and again) and also job shadowed a cnm and a gnp during those two weeks. and at the end, i realized that my roots have always been embedded toward women's health. i realized that if i stayed in the gnp track, i would find myself asking "what if" but... i strongly believe that i will not be asking the "what if" questions if i were to pursuit a career in midwifery. for once… i’m making a decision for “me,” j i hope this answered your question.
  11. by   J9APNI
    Thanks for sharing your story Carla! It is great to be excited about what you're doing, especially when the APNI will be a challenging program. My story of choosing this path is rather long as well and I would love to share it another time (have to take a statistics test now- ick). I do NOT have a Facebook page (I know, I know...I am about 5 years behind everyone technologically speaking). Is our cohort now communicating mostly through FB? If so, I will probably break down and FINALLY get on there!!!

    Since I mentioned hosting a gathering at my place, I wanted to follow up on that. What does everyone think about June 13th or 14th? That is the weekend before our orientation...I'm thinking potluck, outdoors, sunshine
    just some fun prior to getting serious I'm anxious to get to know all of you so hopefully there will be a get together in May too!!
  12. by   j450n
    Hi ksc2004,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences in reaching your decision. I just graduated from UW last August and am strongly considering a career in nursing. I did a lot of work with ASUW and various other student organizations on campus, in addition to working as a CNA at UWMC. The leadership/community nursing track at SU is something that interests me very much, but I am constantly torn between gaining some more experience as a RN first, or diving straight into a master's program. I am constantly debating between getting an ADN or BSN first, or diving straight into a program like Seattle U's APNI. My biggest fear is that I will be getting in way over my head and I will end up with a really expensive degree/specialty that is not really my professional niche.

    If you don't mind me asking, did you got through the aforementioned internal debate as well? How did you decide that doing a direct-entry master's program was the right thing for you, versus becoming a RN first?

    Many thanks,
  13. by   ksc2004
    I think I know you... is this Jason Ly from UW Leaders? LOL...

    And to be quite honest, I also had that interneal debate like you are having. When you are ready to apply for a Nursing Program (ADN, BSN, or Direct-Entry MSN) you have to think of what your overall goal is... Ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Is nursing something you see yourself doing for a long while?
    2. Would you like autonomy in your practice?
    3. Why and what is it that led you to nursing?
    4. Do you enjoy working as an NAC?
    5. What are your overall goals and intentions... say 10 years from now?
    6. How much of the required prerequisites have you finished and how was your experience in those classes?

    Just think about it... If you have finished the prerequisites the ADN and BSN Programs will still take 2 years from whenever you get accepted.. and the APNI Program at SU is 2 years and a Quarter.. It all depends what you want to do with your Nursing career.. is nursing just a stepping stone for you? Or is this your primary goal/aim?

    When I applied to the SU MSN Program I also applied to Bellevue CC and South Seattle CC... in which I was forunate to get accepted to both. I also applied to Massachusetts General Hospital for Health Professions, which I (shockingly) also got accepted into. As you can probably tell... my overall goal was to simply become a Nurse. It is a great field to get into (especially right now). You will always find a job and if you enjoy helping people then this would be your ticket. But... if you want to work autonomously (make decisions for your patients without or rarely consulting with a fellow MD, then getting your MSN would probably your best bet).. if you want to get done faster then follow the ADN or BSN routes... same time length (if you've already finished your prereqs)... but seriously an extra quarter won't hurt.. especially if you're leaving with a graduate degree.. :-)

    Hope this helps Jason