RN License in WA or AL?

  1. Hello. I'm currently finishing my prereq's for nursing in Alabama and plan on getting my ADN but I plan on getting my BSN in Washington state. My question is should I get my RN License in Alabama and try to transfer it to Washington when I move or should I just immediately apply for my licesure in Washington once I graduate and apply to a BSN program? Is Washington one of those states that recognizes RN licenses from other states?
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  3. by   Reno1978
    An ADN prepares you to become a RN once you pass the NCLEX. Once you have a nursing license, you can move to other states and apply for a license in the new state by endorsement.

    I would suggest getting your first license in the state you plan to work in. If you do not plan on getting a RN job in AL, don't bother getting a license there unless you like paying fees and waiting for no reason.