Possible move to Washington..what do i have to do

  1. hey everyone! my name is amber and i am currently a newbie rn in michigan. my boyfriend hopefully real soon to be finance lol has been given a job offer in renton, washington with boeing. sooooo he has asked me to move with him and if there's a commitment that goes along with it i may go with him. to make a long story short here ...i was wondering if anyone could tell me what i would have to do to get licensed in washington. i've tried to look online but that always led to a dead-end. i called michigan's board of nursing they were no help and told me to contact washington's board of nursing, but easier said than done. is it a matter of paperwork and a fee or do i have to retest allllllllll over if so screw that lol...that was enough stress for a lifetime. also i have been looking into a few hospitals out that way too. do any of ya'll recommend any particular hospital??! let me know!!!


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  3. by   RedHeadNurse2B
    Hi, I'm an LVN soon to be moving from TX to WA. I have checked the WA Dept. of Health website and it appears that you just have fill out an application to have your current license endorsed by WA and also pay some fees to do that. Here is that website:
  4. by   whiskeygirl
    I recently had to do this as well. The details of the forms is what bothered me though.
    Anyway, overall it ended up being fairly simple enough.
    They say it takes about 3 weeks.
    I was given a license number in 9 days (I could verify my numer online) and received my physical license in 19 days from the time I handed my paperwork in. But I was coming from one of the states that you can get Nursys verification from. In your case you will have to send a form (see link posted by Red Head above) to your Michigan BON to verify your license. This may take extra time.
    You should not need to retest. I have not yet bothered to find a job. Just doing the SAHM thing for a bit.
    Let me know if you want help filling out the form.
  5. by   Gvsuamber
    You guys are awesome. Thank you so much for helping me out. I feel like everything is such a mess right now...with decesion making, getting all the paper work done...finding a job.. ya know. I went to that link that Red head had posted do i fill out just the one under Registered Nurse by Endorsement applicant? If so whats with this AIDS/HIV thing? I just graduated in December...and i dunno but I am pretty sure that was covered amongst 93478308 other things. If not do i have to get those 7 hours before I apply? I'm sorry for all the questions, but thanks again for all your help. Lynn, have you looked into jobs?? If so where abouts? Ive looked at just a couple and asked for some information from them, but I was kind hoping to get a start on the paperwork crap first, because yea i've heard it can take FOOOREVER to get liscensed. SoOoO thats that for now i guess. THANKS!

  6. by   redraccoon
    there are several hospitals in the area....
    virgina mason
    university of washington medical center
    stevens hospital
    evergreen hospital

    you might try calling the nurse recruiters at any one of them. they can help you figure out the paperwork for your license. and who knows, maybe you'll get a job offer that gives you some $ incentive for moving.

    the state office you need is
    wa state department of health
    nursing care quality assurance commission

    email: hpqa.csc@doh.wa.gov
    phone : (360) 236 - 4700
    fax: (360) 236 - 4818
  7. by   whiskeygirl
    Hi Amber-
    Yeah, fill out the Licensure by Endorsement app.
    The HIV/AIDS course requirements is 7 hours of instruction on the subject. If you are a recent grad, your school probably covered that, even MORE likely if you graduated with a BSN. You will just need to be able to prove that you "did the time". Keep a school transcript and possibly a syllabus of the class. This wouldn't be so much for the state, but for a possible employer. You simply sign the app stating that you have met the minimum required hours. Yeah, the hours need to be completed before applying.
    I have glanced through the help wanteds and posted my resume on monster, but have only received a barrage of generic recruiter, agency and travelers offers, even though my resume says NO RECRUITER, NO AGENCY, NO TRAVELERS!
    I do have a lead on a job on the east side, no patient care, great pay, decent hours. PM me when you are ready, and I will give you the contact info. I will probably take my time, till I find the right job in the right area with the right hours.
  8. by   RedHeadNurse2B
    I am confused if I need verification from NURSYS - Texas (where I have my current license) is listed, but then it says complete it ONLY if the state I am seeking licensure in requires verification. Does Washington require verification?
  9. by   whiskeygirl
    Hi RedHead-
    Yes, Texas is listed on the license verification list. The state I came here from is as well. Go to Nursys website ( https://www.nursys.com/ ) and click on the ""I am a Nurse who needs my license verified...". Down at the bottom of the next page click on "Start Online Verification" and fill in your information and pay them.
    All states require verification from your previous state, however, only SOME of the states utilize Nursys. Oddly enough Washington DOES NOT report to Nursys although they use it when approving nurses from out of state.