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My wife & I will be moving to Tumwater, WA. I report to Madigan Army Medical Center for a 3 year committment as a member of the Army Nurse Corps, Active Component on April 3, 2006. I will start... Read More

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    I am new to this forum. I currently live in Illinois (retired AF-Scott AFB) but hope to move to Gig Harbor after I graduate with my BSN in May 09. I recently learned that there is a brand new hospital going up in Gig Harbor (St Anthony's) which will open in Mar 09. It's supposed to be awesome! Very cutting edge specializing in stroke patients. Perhaps that could be a consideration. My folks live in Steilacoom so I know what things you may be considering as far as a commute. I have been trying to find out what the average salary is for the area, but no luck. I hope you have better luck.
    This might at least help on the salary side - this is a link to the union 1199NW SEIU that serves a good deal of the sea area.