Is the Job market for new RN's Getting any better for 2013?

  1. Recently, I noticed when applying for RN jobs that employers aren't requiring as much experience, and no longer mandating BSN. Or is it just that I am being hopeful and stumbled upon some luck? I would love to hear your feed back please. Been out of work since July and have only had a few interviews. Does anyone think there is going to be a turn around? What's it lookinglike in your neck of the woods? Thank you in advance for your input. P.S. I live in southwest, WA. Please include your area of job prospects.
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  4. by   StillsmilingRN
    Talking w/ a instructor while thinking about going back for my BSN said that she believed there should be a turn around in the next yr or 2. Idk if she was just trying to be nice or what b/c she encouraged me to wait to cont. my education until it turns around.......
  5. by   marcos9999
    It's impossible to predict weather there will be a need for nurses or not. There are many variables out there but because of that there is a chance. Remember many variables breeds instability and violent changes. So we could have five to ten years of absolutely no jobs or we could have a severe nursing shortage in two years which could spring from anywhere without warning. We just don't know. Hospitals are very comfortable now having the upper hand but there lies their potential pitfall. By becoming complacent they are not training new nurses and that is going on five years now. So there are a lot of new grads but they are "potential" nurses so the only real pool of nurses out there are the ones with experience and this group is hardly expanding. This abundance of new grads is not reliable as they migrate to other areas of healthcare or leave the profession altogether after not finding jobs for a extended time. So we'll see what will happen. My prediction is an acute nursing shortage in a near future.
  6. by   Carrie RN
    In 2013 the outlook is continuing to worsen. In Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho there are lots of jobs posted, but they never hire anyone. I have been a nurse 15+ years and I have never known so many experienced nurses that have been laid off or have reduced hours. Is this due to Obamacare/ACA? It is a troubling time to be an RN. If I were in school getting an ADN/BSN I would switch to another major. Last year I was contemplating getting a Master's now I am against it totally.