Belleview Community College

  1. After doing some research and learning the area we will possibly move to (Renton)..........I found Belleview Community College. Does Belleview CC turn out good nurses (RN) in your opinion?

    Or, let me ask this.........if you were going to attend any CC college in the Seattle area to get your RN at, where would you go?

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  3. by   whiskeygirl
    Yes, I have heard they do.

    HOWEVER, their waiting list is loooonnnng.

    Good luck to you
  4. by   soko2002
    They are suppose to be very good. However, I would also look into Highline Community College. It is an excellant program and the instructors really care about their students. It is very competitive to get in but well worth it.
  5. by   Valasca
    I didn't know BCC kept waitlists....hmmm. Shoreline CC is supposed to be good as well. You can go to the washington quality assurance website and there will be a link to check out NCLEX pass rates for most schools. I'm not exactly sure how to get to the link but I do remember that it is on the quality assurance web page.
  6. by   katfishLPN
    I have lived and worked in the area you are wondering about. I have first hand experience that the hospitals hire the Shoreline grads while the Bellevue grads (at least in my experience and that I heard of) applied at the hospital but ended up at the LTC facility where I previously worked. I am sure that is not 100% the case but it seemed more often than not....anyway I guess I am saying that Shoreline has a better reputation. Please no flaming...
  7. by   saftman22
    I knowwe all want to go to a school that "Turns out good nurses" but my advice would not to set your heart on one school. I got lucky and got in on the first go round (LPN to RN) at Highline CC. They have a great program for both conventional ADN and bridge programs but all schools in Western Washington are very competitive. It took my wife 3 years to get in to a school (she applied everywhere). She had great grades but lacked some experience. Now she is attending Seattle U because it was the only place she got excepted. To answer your question I hear Bellevue is a good school as well. Just keep your chin up and if you really want to be a nurse you will get in to a school somewhere eventually.

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