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Hello to all, My apologies if this is a duplicate. I am new to this site. Currently I am finishing up Micro, and planning on taking Pre calc and Organic Chem in the fall. This will finish... Read More

  1. by   alphaphim

    Honestly, I think UW cares a lot more about your well-roundedness then GPA. I am currently an undergraduate student at UW and have taken nutrition, chem 142, physiology, chem 220, math 124 and phil 240 (ethics) here so far. I have taken Stats, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and speech at bellevue college as well. I would not fret over 1 bad grade, or a slightly low gpa. If you listen to the SON podcast you will hear that volunteering including health care experience, GPA, extracurricular activities, your essay and you letter of recommendation are all weighted equally. The compitition is extreme, I would deffinitely get your CNA as this is very important.

    I will be applying this fall for fall admission 2011. Good luck!
  2. by   Rachel-EMT
    I have also applied to UW's BSN for this fall. Has anyone received an e-mail yet? I haven't yet and I wanted to see if they are waiting to send all of them on the 12th or if I didn't make the cut for the proctored essay. Thanks!!
  3. by   amberlightsgirl

    I haven't received any mail regarding the proctored essay yet either.
  4. by   amberlightsgirl
    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to prepare for the proctored essay even though some say it can't be done.

    Does anyone remember what their topic was or have any ideas or suggestions on what I can practice on? I want to have done a little writing before hand because I don't want to struggle.

    the ABSN topic was something like : Describe a scenario where you had to work in a team and use problem solving? I do remember it was about conflict, what did you learn and how did you resolve it, what did you learn and what will you take into nursing with you?
  5. by   Rachel-EMT
    I am also trying to prepare for the essay.......the recorded info session says that it will be two parts. One part a scenario, and the other a math word problem. She did say that the math will be very very simple......
  6. by   amberlightsgirl
    Hey guys,

    the proctored essay is tomorrow and I was wondering if you guys could help me on we have to write in 5 paragraph essay form or just write one big paragraph?

    Anyone have any good topics to practice with ?
  7. by   bina11
    You guys im so nervous about today, I tried to come up with practice scenarios, something to do with leadership and what you would do in a particular situation, or something involving ethics. I am stressing my self out with this and I dont know what format they want it in either. Maybe they will let us know tonight. Good luck to you all and the math part I dont know about if there are no calculators involved im guessing its really basic.
  8. by   j450n
    I am stressing myself out too. I guess I am just going to go and put my best foot forward and whatever happens...happens.

    Good luck to you guys and don't forget your photo ID!
  9. by   bobobijoux
    Do you think that it is imperative to have an RN write the letter of recommendation? I know that is suggested. Any thoughts?