Washington Hospital center scholars program at Georgetown University

  1. So, I am very interested in this program where they pay 80% of the tuition and you have a 3-year commitment to work at WHC after graduation from the accelerated BSN program at Georgetown. I've lived in DC for 2 years before, and I have several good friends that still live there, so going back to familiar territory would be nice. However, it is a little bit hard to make a definite commitment to 4 and a half years in a place.

    While I certainly would hope that I could fulfill the commitment, I wonder if anyone knows the consequences if someone only works part of that 3 year commitment. I imagine a partial payback or perhaps even full payback.

    Again, this isn't my plan to try to get it and then bail, but just trying to be realistic with whatever life may throw at me (a partner that needs to relocate, a baby, etc.).

    Thanks in advance for any insight or information.
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  3. by   ensnow
    I am starting the Georgetown program in the Fall and will be doing the WHC scholars program. They do have a system set up in case you do not complete the three years. I don't know the exact percentages but it is a gradient, the longer you work the less you will have to pay back if you leave before the three years are up.
  4. by   chicurious
    Thanks for the answer. Do they explain all of this clearly and in detail at the interview weekend?

    Also, a friend of mine who is a nurse smartly suggested I ask how WHC places scholars after graduation. Do you get to choose what areas you would like to work in?

    Also, I read on here somewhere that entry nurses get paid $25/hr. Any word or information on the raises? I know they are unionized and therefore collective contract, but I wondered what past negotiations have led to in terms of pay.

    Thanks in advance for answered questions.
  5. by   ensnow
    Both the Georgetown staff and WHC staff were very helpful and open to answer all questions on interview day. I believe they quoted us a starting wage of $27/hr plus wage differentials, which they said averages out to about 60,000/year w/out much overtime. As far as placement after graduation, WHC scholars can apply for any position that is open at the time. Technically you can be placed in any department, it just depends on the openings. I believe they said they have MANY nurses up for retirement in the next 5 years so there should be a wide variety of openings.
  6. by   Pokytrokyt
    I also applied for the Georgetown/WHC scholars program. During my interview day at WHC, they told us that when you're graduating from GU, you apply at WHC for whatever new nursing openings they have at the time, and they place you where they think you fit best. Once you're on the payroll as an RN, you can apply for an internal transfer to fill an opening in another unit, just like other employees.

    - Alex