UDC or Comprehensive Health Academy School of Practice Nursing

  1. Hi, can anyone offer any information about these schools.... good or bad I'd like anything you can give because I am really interested in going to oneof these programs but I need to know if it's worth it before I kick out ALOT of money..... PLEASE HELP!! Which is better?

    Comprehensive Health Academy School of Practice Nursing


    University of the District of Columbia Practical Nursing Program
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  3. by   Purplelady7
    Hey Ash25ley,
    I am in the same both and both programs are starting rather soon however, in my opnion UDC us VERY VERY unorganized which is disturbing. I took the pre entrance exam and passed however as of today April 22, 2013 they still don't know what day the program will start. Initially I was told April 26th however just recently last week thurday the director Mrs Daniel told me to call back in mid may to see if they have enough students to start a spring class. Whenever I call the school it is very difficult to speak to anyone even a secretary.

    I am going to take the test at comprehensive tomorrow their next class starts on May 8th, they are approved by DC board of nursing as well. The program is more costly it's 2,000 more and I don't care for the neighborhood that it is in, but most likely that is where I will attend I do not want to sit and wait until UDC finally starts a class. Let me know what you decide to do and all the best in your journey in becoming a nurse