RN and LPN Programs in DC?

  1. I am looking into starting a RN nursing program here in DC. Can anyone recommend a community college or school that has these programs in DC and the approximate tuition? I have been looking at the Comprehensive Health Academy but I have not got any info back from them yet.

    Also does anyone know of any accelerated programs around?

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  3. by   MedicVeronica
    Acclerated programs for BSN? You already have an BA or BS in something else? There are several in the area:
    Georgetown U - $70 K - takes 16 mos, check out the program they have with Washington Hospital Center - give a couple of years to WHC and they pay 80% of the tuition. (I went there, graduated in 2007)
    Catholic U - 18 mos, also about $70K
    Towson - just north of Baltimore - similar time frame, less tuition
    Johns Hopkins - in Baltimore - 13 mos, $70K or so
    George Mason U - northern VA, think it's about 1.5 years, no idea about tuition
    U of MD in Baltimore - you get an MS, NOT an MSN, from the School of Nursing and are "clinical nurse leader" - really just an BSN, about 1.5 years and not sure of the tuition.
    UDC - don't know much about their program.
    I think there might be others in No Va. - but I didn't check into them.
    All the schools have decent websites and several of them start programs in both spring and fall semesters. The accelerated programs are really packed - so trying to work and do school is pretty much impossible. Have you finished all your pre-reqs and how old are they? Towson, U of MD and Johns Hopkins wanted me to retake most of mine, but Georgetown and Catholic took all my really old stuff (like chemistry from 1978! - yes, I had college credits older than some of my classmates). Had to consider how long re-doing all the pre-reqs would take and work that into the financial decision. Best of Luck!
  4. by   Julian87
    Thanks for all the info - a big help.

    I dont have an RN yet. I have applied for a program a NVCC and GMU which is a 3 year accelerated BSN program and you dont have to have any prior college credit at all. I was wondering if there are any programs similar to this one around the DC area.
  5. by   stacy0906
    Comprehensive Health Academy is an intense LPN program that is about 12-13 months long. I'm in my last couple of weeks so if you would like more information I'll be happy to give more. From your post it seems that you are most interested in RN programs. In the Fall, I'm entering a LPN-BSN program. I'm not exactly clear of your goals, but if you are interested in Comprehensive I have to tell you that the credits for this program will not transfer into a college or university program. I think Radians College and the University of D.C. both have RN programs.
  6. by   wigglesgogo
    Which LPN-RN program are you going thru? I am looking into several but looking for an affordable option. There are so many programs that cost major money and with the economy. Many nurses are having difficulty finding a job. I don't wish to be in more debt and without a job.
  7. by   stacy0906
    I'm going through Indiana State. They have a LPN-BSN program. It's online, but the clinicals are local. I haven't been able to find a program that could fit my needs in the area. I need to work and my husband is military. If anything happens I can pick up and go and it won't affect my standing in the program. However, it is not cheap. I wish I could be more help. I went through board of nursing website for both Maryland and D.C. and could not find a option that worked for me. I only know of two programs for LPN-RN. One is at AACC (Arnold, MD) and Community College of Baltimore City. I already have an associates degree and pre-reqs done so I decided on Indiana State.
  8. by   wigglesgogo
    Thanks for the response. I looked into the ISU, I just can't get past the self scheduled clinicals. I have read about people having difficulty with scheduling them. I am looking though for a college that can work with my schedule.
  9. by   Chozenwoman
    Tell me more about Comprehensive and how it works PLEASE!!!
  10. by   ryanm7277
    Did you do this program at nova?

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