Providence Hospital

  1. Hello, does anyone have any information about Providence Hospital such as the facility, environment, pay or anything else. Thank you.
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  3. by   Uncle Rico
    Providence is a "Catholic" community hospital located in the northeast section of D.C., it's one of the oldest hospitals in the region. Providence doesn't pay as well as other facilities (i.e. WHC, GWC, etc.) but parking is free. As it's one of the oldest facilities some of the amenities and instruments are quite dated. It's about a 5-7min walk from the Brookland Metro station or a 5 min bus ride from Fort Totten. The staff is very diverse with many dialect or accents to become familiar with. It's also understaffed (because of pay) which kind of forces them to hire more new grads than any other facility in the area. PM me if you have any additional questions
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  4. by   Reachgoals
    Uncle Rico, do you know about the nurses that work there, training for new grads, supportive environment? Thank you
  5. by   Uncle Rico
    There's no residency program but new grads have a 12wk orientation. Most of the experienced nurses seem to be helpful and the environment is somewhat supportive.
  6. by   jane99
    Uncle Rico, I have been emailing with a nurse recruiter from Providence and I believe they now have a nurse residency program. Do you know much about it? I will graduate in August and am interested in a job in L&D at Providence Hospital. Any information you can give me about the unit, the new residency program, support for new grads, and the hospital in general would be helpful. Thank you!